Titan's season 1 on Blu-ray

Will the Blu-ray be available in the DC Universe store? Would it be a special price for the members only???

It probably won’t be made available on blue ray cuz they want people to buy the the streaming service so if they make it available on disc then some people might go that way instead cuz it be cheaper

They said it was going to be released on blu-ray I just don’t know the date Price was not mentioned

it’s coming, pre-order is open, release date is July 16 …

got my pinot grigio, and chicken & waffles, ready to go


I know Best Buy and Amazon has it for pre-order. (Amazon’s seemed suspect to me) I just wanted to know if it would be available here is all.

Thank you so much, @TomJones, and everyone else who posted. :slight_smile: I don’t have any news on this to share, but will be sure to check on it for you!