titans review

Hey everyone I’m a huge DC fan and starting youtuber. The first thing I’m reviewing is Titans on my channel and I’m craving some feedback from other dc fans. I want to know what YOU think, so let me know and let’s chat. I will be uploading the newest episode tomorrow. Thanks to all who check it out and to all who dont. :slight_smile: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P47aH4jK4k0

I can’t access links thru my iPad but I’ll comment here. This show is a perfect balancing act for those who are just getting to know the Titans & those, like me, who have been lifetime DC fans. The pace is perfect in the aspect aforementioned. It’s patient enough to let new fans catch up while getting to know the cast, as well as giving the lifers enough easter eggs & accurate comic history portrayal to stay intrigued. The character changes are minimal, & imho, added a boost to the content I expected to see while keeping me entertained with the history that needed to remain in tact. It’s cruising along flawlessly for my money & it’s a bright sign to think this is the opener for the upcoming shows. Stargirl, Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol. YJ3 etc. etc. etc. I’m confident they will all follow suit & were in good hands with the DCU if Titans is a sign of what’s to come & I truly feel it is. I’m whelmed & feeling the aster, a scway show from top to bottom.

Give us a hint at what YOU think

Schway oops