Titans Renewed For Season 3!

But please, DO go on about how the service is in trouble or about to be shut down…


Yeah, I’m getting tired of all the rumors of the service going downhill, but let’s also not get our hopes up either. Let’s just appreciate what we got now. For all we know, the only reason this show is getting renewed could be due to HBOMax.

HBOMAX shouldering some (even most) of the production costs on original content isn’t a bad thing. What is really the downside to DCU if HBOMAX and DC Universe air first runs at the same time? Especially if it means more content being developed overall.

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Super excited that Titans is getting renewed for a third season.


Great news!

I agree 100%, I wasn’t saying I’m mad about the HBO thing. I’m just saying that it’s not like the success of DCU (as far as we know) is the reason for Titans being renewed. More than likely it’s due to HBOMax. But I’m with you, anything that keeps original DC content coming, I’m on board with.


Since we’re getting season 3, I hope we’re getting some new live action series or something substantial for original content.

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Theres a chance like doom patrol that it goes on HBO Max

Doom Patrol is not going to HBOMAX, it is being shared with HBOMAX. Doom Patrol season 2 was only confirmed when it was stated it would broadcast simultaneously. I just don’t see how DCU is generating 100s of millions in revenue to pay for these shows to be exclusive. To cover the production costs, they need to partner with somebody.