Titans - Rachel's Mom

I just don’t trust Rachel’s mom. Something seems off. 5 years in the asylum and she’s just like “awesome I can finally get decent pancakes”? They nearly turned Dick’s brain to jello in 1 day, yet she’s fine after 5 years?


Well damn wish I could edit my post so I could add a spoiler tag.

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Yeah I don’t trust her too

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Exactly. They are able to make/brainwash the Nuclear Family and plant bombs in their heads. There is something off about the mom.


Hey @aphex978, no worries about the missing spoiler tag - got that added for you! :slight_smile:

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In the few scenes between Raven and her - especially the train scene - I kept finding myself thinking over and over, “This woman is way too sane to have been locked up in an asylum for 5 years!!”

I’m not sure if I hope that she is actually what she professes to be and just lucked out or was so strong-minded that she really did come out of the asylum with minimal mental damage OR if she actually does have a few secrets she’s hiding and tricks up her sleeve.

Both are kinda disappointing for me, bc if the first one, then I think they should have at least added a slight tinge of insanity to her character FINALLY back out in the real world… Idk. Maybe it will come out later…?

If the second, then her being the perfect image of everything Raven imagined is a pretty big giveaway that the mom is up to something.

I also wonder if Raven sensed something was off, when she kinda glanced oddly out the window, at the end of her conversation with mom…


Haha but what is the mom up too?.. Is she really Rachel’s mom?.. lol dont wanna believe something is off about her and honestly the thought of it never crossed my head, until I saw this… LOL

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Another possibility is that they kept her contained, but left her mostly alone, out of fear of reprisal from Trigon (whether because he doesn’t want her damaged, or wanted to do it himself is rather irrelevant).

Having said that, it doesn’t look like Rachel quite bought the story her mom was telling her on the train. There’s a lot of ‘from a certain point of view’ involved, I suspect.

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Yeah her real mom Angela Roth ( Arella) gave Raven up to people who abused her & went to Azarath pretty much right away. She offered Raven sanctuary in Azarath then banished her along with all the other citizens of Azarath. The fact that this version gave her to a friend that treated her decent & was excited to see Raven seems fishy. She banished her for leaving Azarath to protect Earth from her father Trigon, forgot to put that in there. Kind of a Hippolyta & WW situation. I think she’s up to something too, maybe a trigon cult follower or something along those lines.

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It just dawned on me that Ravens “mother” from the asylum looks a lot like Lilith Clay. Lilith brought Ravens true mother to Azarath, almost as soon as Raven was born to protect them both. Plus she’s the one who made sure Raven finally found a surrogate mother that would treat her right. Just a hunch, but it might explain why her mother seems off. Lilith is a telepath & has also shown the ability to teleport, but she’s also allowed herself to remain in dangerous places for the benefit of helping others like Raven. She may have stayed at the asylum b/c her precognitive powers allowed her to see Raven was coming. It was also one episode before Donna Troys appearance & she has ties with Donna, & as a member of the teen titans. She also has connections to the original dove Don Hall, whom she dated & the next episode is about Hawk & Dove. Lastly, in the past, her mind has been taken over by evil forces which could explain her odd behavior & she was also once resurrected by the newest Brother Blood in teen titans vol.3.

Yeah, I’ve haven’t trusted her since the moment she told the Titans where to go to escape the Asylum. If she was locked in a room for 5 years, how would she know the place like the back of her hand? Also, I knew something was really off with her the moment she wanted to watch the sun rise in daytime. Also, what is it with tv shows leaving food to burn on the stove. I noticed it in Arrow this season, and now Titans.

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