Titans questions

So, I’m starting Titans now that I have A LOT more downtime and I want to ask a question. I’m on season 2, midway through episode 3.
I’m frustrated by Dick’s secretive, they’re just kids, I know what’s best attitude when it comes to leading the team. Not because it’s bad writing, it’s just repetitive writing. It reminds me way too much of Oliver’s angsty attitude in Arrow and I walked away from that show years ago. I’ve seen this plot enough times to know where the story usually goes and frankly I’m bored with that. I plowed through season 1 and just shut this episode off because I realized it’s just too annoying to watch the same old same old. My guess is Dick shelters the team and hides truths from them to keep them safe but they become annoyed by that and strike out on their own only to walk into danger. Dick realizes he wants to be a different leader than Batman and saves them by letting them be a team. Am I close? If so, is it the whole season? I can get through it if I know there is more after, I’m just tired of whole seasons of shows following cliche plots.

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Oh yeah, I hated the keeping secrets storyline on Titan’s. It’s so not Dick Grayson to do that (ignoring Spyral).

Is it the whole season?

Most of it. Sorry. There are a few good moments sprinkled in there. I’m sure the pacing is better when you can binge watch it.

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This is still a Dick Grayson thing, he has kept things a secret from
many people and his team over the years. Even as recent as the Titans/Deathstroke cross over from a few years ago.

Yeah that sums up most of the season but it does get away from that midway and focus on other characters like the Beast Boy and Superbly episode