TITANS’ Jericho, Chella Man, on Being the First Deaf Transgender Superhero

Last week onDC Daily’s October 29th episode, we got an amazing snippet with Chella Man, who played Jericho in TITANS, telling fans what it was like to play such an iconic character.

Check out today’s News article where we cover that amazing piece with Chella Man!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the segment as well as catching Chella Man in Titans!

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Chela put forth a really nice performance, but this headline is misleading. Joey(Jericho) is neither of these , the actor is. The character was retconned, or later confirmed as bisexual, so bring that in as part of his cannon.


I had no idea about these personal attributes regarding the actor. I simply enjoyed his performance. Looking forward to the day no one will care. Until then it is important for these people are discussed to show the world that none of that stuff matters.


Oh that makes more sense thanks for clearing that up.

I agree.

Thanks for clarifying. Since the character in the show isn’t deaf and there’s nothing hinting at him being transgender the title confused me . I’ve seen Chella Man’s Ted Talk about their transitioning which was pretty interesting but I had forgotten they were deaf. I also agree about their performance being well done.

For clarification, the headline is referring the actor.