When do you think Jason will die? I think he will die end of season 1 or end of season 2. Hopefully they might do a spin off after this for Redhood and the outlaws


They will be stupid if they don’t green light that series and I was thinking end of season 2 he should die

If he dies in season 2, they wouldn’t do a Red Hood rebirth arc until at least season 3 or 4.

Maybe after that we might be able to get an Outlaws show.

I would love to see Red Hood and the Outlaws get a spin off.

Early season 2 with mid s3 or 4 bringing in Red Hood sounds about right


That would make sense

It would all depend on when they bring him in and if they decide to introduce the Joker or just kill him off screen and see how Dick deals with.

Jason Todd will not become the red hood this season

Get use to seeing him as robin