Titans Jason Todd Episode #NightwingsComing

Titans is hands down the best live action superhero series. That Jason Todd Episode was amazing, Dick and Jason on screen together is just a dream come true and this episode just shows that a live action bat family or red hood series would be the greatest. I love the way Dick is trying to find himself and him seeing Jason in action (him and Dick have the best fighting scenes) and seeing how brutal he is reminds him why he needs to get away from being Robin and from Batman and you know what he meant at the end lool Nightwings coming and I can’t wait. Love the lil flash backs to Dicks past. Also liked how you see Dick and Kori relationship growing and it feels authentic and I must say Anna Diop is an amazing actor she was hardly in this episode but I just loved the way she acts and portrays Kori in every scene she’s in. Also the preview of the next episode was interesting I hope whatever they are doing results in Kori getting her memory and full powers back, Raven understanding her powers, Beast Boy understanding his powers and being able to turn into more animated and lastly everyone getting their new suits. Also Gonna be sad when Jason goes back to Gotham


agreed Anna Diop amazing


Who else freaked when they saw that lil scene of Dick in the Batcave and saw the side of the Batmobile


I imagine Jason’s story will continue in year two of Titans somehow, with him returning in Year 3 or 4 as Red Hood.


Great chemistry between Dick and Jason. Nice glimpse of the bat family


Great episode! Great show! It continues to shock and impress me. When Jason took those cops down, not only cops but female cops, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. After watching this episode I want to re-read “Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade.”


Rhato here we come!!!


Really awesome episode!
I’m loving the show and I hope we get more of Jason’s story in the future.

I want to see Red Hood!!


Jason was phenomenal, so arrogant so cocky and brutal… I cannot wait to see him come back as Red Hood


Jason was awesome! And Dick will be Nightwing very soon. Cant wait!

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