Titans Finale reaction

I really feel like something doesn’t add up. How was THAT the finale? There are more questions than answers. No final fight, no Trigon in demon form… it was a solid episode, but it doesn’t feel like a finale to me. Superboy and Krypto tease is interesting, but I’d rather see the season one story wrap up.



Why must there always be multiple threads? Just post in one already made. That’s one good thing between now and the next episode, no more multiple same ass threads

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I didn’t know there was one already made. Why do YOU feel like you need to be on the attack? Post on topic or get lost.


Why do you feel like your opinion in your own thread means something? You don’t even read the thread titles!? There’s 1 right below you and in other sections there are more. Watchtower section always makes an official reaction and thoughts thread for the latest episodes a day after being released. You’re the one who got lost

How many ways can you spell “AWESOME”??? Consider my mind blown, fried and laid to the side!!!

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Is this the first tv show you people have ever watched to not understand how finales go?

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I understand completely, it felt more like the penultimate episode before the season finale, which it was. Episode 12 was dropped and added to next season to make the Season 2 opener bigger. I think that was a huge mistake because it left this season feeling unfinished. I know four people who have dropped DC streaming because of it and not enough content to be worth shelling out the money for.