Titans F Bomb

The first episode was interesting when Robin dropped the F bomb because it came out of nowhere and was a shock. I think every single episode since then has managed to drop the F bomb at some point in the episode. It’s almost like they are just gratuitously throwing it in there just because they can. It’s not adding anything to the story. it actually the tracks from the story when it’s just forced into it. I’m predicting we are going to get it in every single episode this season LOL


This show is trying too hard to be like the Marvel Netflix shows and it’s really not working.

Actually, it’s obviously working for other people


With the stuff happening to them I think any of us would be dropping f bombs more than they are


I made a thread about it before… it wasnt so much of a complaint, just wanted to hear what other people thought of it… I think the show aims to be intended for an adult demographic hence the title, as opposed to “Teen Titans”, but I don’t mind it. I dont think its aiming to try to be like marvels shows, and as a screenwriter and cinematographer myself, I give DCU much respect for wanting to step out of the normal boundaries a lot a bit and make a gritty take on the beloved comic series :grin:

I get it clashes with alot of pre-conceptions of these characters, but I dont personally see why others find it a big deal. I mean, when Wolfman and Perez rebooted the series, I never took the lack of curse words as a character trait or a comment on morality, I just assumed they had company standards to meet and couldnt actually say what they meant. Saying “cant wait to kick some butt” still read out as “@$$” to me. Frag. Bastich. @#$%. I always knew what they meant, never took it as “heroes dont swear”. I dont know anyone shocked by vulgarity in real life either. Beyond not wanting kids to pick up the habit, the moral conflict of bad words has yet to be explained to me. These words are bad beacause…?


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It’s how a lot of people talk I find it realistic


You could say the same thing about the use of “LOL”.

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I use a fair amount of profanity in my personal life and have no issue with it. I understand wanting to use realistic dialogue, as well. But most of the use of the F word in Titans seems forced. It really does seem like they’re using it just because they can. Look at Daredevil on Netflix. They could have used it and rarely did. My kids and I thought the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, too. Yes, dick jokes can be funny, but don’t go overboard when you don’t need to. At the end of the day, these are comic book characters. If it were a Lobo show, I’d get it. But I’d still think he should use frag, bastich, and Feetal’s Gizz. Because that’s the character. Yes, comics have been restrained by their standards and the CCA, but it shaped how we have seen and heard these characters. Every DC animated movie since Justice League: War seems to make it a point to have at least one use each of damn, hell, and ass. My teenagers, who hear me swear on a daily basis, always look at me and say, “Really? Did they have to put that in there? What’s the point?”.

No point, it’s just there. Not that big of a deal or shouldn’t be

Don’t exgerate, not near 50.


Eh, no f*ucks given! Maybe they can tone it down next season but I hope they don’t completly water everything down because of allergic people go f bombs, gritiness and violence

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I think the use of F-bombs, which like it or not are now prevalent in modern conversation, are one of the things that make “Titans” much more believable, genuine and contemporary than any other comic adaptation I’ve seen.


For any one offended.
Let’s take score. Super girl, green arrow, legends, gotham, flash, countless hours of animation, tons of movies just about everything DC makes has little to no profanity. Even BvS has a pg-13 option.
Watchmen and Titans are to my knowledge the only rated R shows DC has ever made without a pg-13 option. Some of us grew up with comic books and now that we are adults we would really like to see a darker type of comic hero. You know after the kids go to bed.
Why do people keep trying to police morality when we already have a rating system in place ? Do you guys not understand the rating system? I would be happy to explain it to you. This is what you sound like to me.
Did I just hear the F word? Golly I am so mad that I chose to ignore the clearly posted rating system. I think I will complain that not every single gosh darn show was taylor made for me and my sensitive ears. I think every friggin show on every dang platform should be made for me. Those buggers up at DC need to know that I’m the only one that matters. Jeez how dare they make something for anyone else.
Do you see how fracking childish and firggan selfish that feakin sounds. If you don’t like rated R content don’t watch it many of us enjoy a good F bomb.


People keep forgetting that there’s cursing in comics all the time. It’s censored with *%&# type stuff but characters including heroes do curse or are meaning to


Oh ok. My mistake. I thought this was a complaint about mature content offending someone. My bad. So how many times did they use the F word? Just curious.

They seem to unnecessarily use the F-bomb. Sometimes it seems like they use it because they can. I mean was it necessary to have young Hank drop one? Especially in front of an adult?

Why do some of you keep asking if it’s necessary? Who said it was?