Titans epsode 2 discussion spoiler

Just finished episode 2 of Titans holy shit we finally see dick turn into a straight up Psycho Killer I mean it was really cool what’s everyone thoughts on this episode yes we didn’t see beast boy or starfire

Freaking Nuclear Family!!!


Robin was brutal but still hasn’t killed. Although testicles guy could have maybe died


I enjoyed it lot more action

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The fight scenes were even better and I geeked out for Robin’s flips

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Yes definitely

Dick didn’t kill anyone that I’m aware of. He was very violent though

Nah he’s just very violent

I guess I assumed he did but he looked crazy

Well, episode 1, he either crushed someone’s neck or their jaw. Either way, needlessly violent and uncharacteristic of Dick.
Episode 2, he permanently gouged someone’s eye out with a shuriken and snipped a man’s genitals off.
The writer’s have written Jason Todd post-Lazarus Pit, not Dick Grayson. I don’t blame the actors, I blame the writer’s poor understanding of the character and their desire to write Red Hood into the Titans,. I feel this is a mistake and I hope they walk it back, somehow.
They are two distinctly different characters and blending one into the other just means neither are done justice.

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I like that it’s not showing stairfire because she doesn’t look anything like starfire, but I’m a little sad beast boy hasn’t been in anything really.

Actually I think jason Todd is gonna be in future episodes and he is gonna be vastly different than dick and get his shit together a lil you guys will see

I love Titans but @RKane_1 makes a great point