Titans Episode 5 *contains spoilers*

Jason freaking Todd yay!!! Omg I need a Red Hood show lol, with lots of Bat family being uncomfortable with his own death jokes lmao! I squealed in happiness as soon as I seen the cape, I knew exactly who it was lmao! I am so happy to see him! Now next season kill him. Third season bring him back. Start a Red Hood show and give us Hood and outlaws!!! Lol, I cannot wait for next week’s Titans. I’m completely hooked!

episode 5 was Great! wow, Jason Todd Robin. if i drink hard liquor w/a girl, will i have sex w/her? i gotta bust out my pimpin skillz like Robin.

i need a Batgirl or Nightingale or something.

TITANS is good. it just gets better and better. its worth the $7.99 DC Universe membership for this alone! Starfire will have her real hair and costume soon. even Teen Titans Go! To The Movies was good, i got it for Blu-Ray. now im reading Raven and Catwoman comics here on DC Universe. i got Batman Arkham VR for PlayStation VR when it first came out. its really good. i finished it. thats Great that Ryan Potter, who is half-Filipino, is Beast Boy. its Great that Anthony Ruivivar was the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Beware the Batman. i wish Beware the Batman will continue in DC Universe. it was really good. im getting the Batman Handbook soon.