Titans Episode 4 was the first...

…time I got to see the Titans. I’ve been watching since day one, don’t get me wrong but this felt like the first time they looked, acted and worked together as the Titans.

What an a m a z i n g episode!!! Thank you DC!

This is spoiler free, so I’ll leave the details out but this episode feels like it was a Titans issue come to life!

Love it! And as for our missing cast members - due to the timeline - I didn’t miss them - messed up I know but the cast’s chemistry was so on point that any other person what have thrown it all off.


I don’t agree with your overall theory but it was a great episode.

The “old” Titans cast is much better than the new cast


@BrightKnight what do you mean? Episode wise, book wise, series wise?

Brilliant episode. Action. Pathos. Nostalgia. Nailed it.


Garth has been my favorite DC Comics hero since the early 1960s, so, of course, I haven’t really been interested in this ‘Titans’ series since he hadn’t been featured. Once the casting was done, I knew this appearance wouldn’t be worthwhile, since the actor didn’t look anything like the character. No big surprise, then, that this version had absolutely no redeeming qualities that were anything like the hero I followed for 50 years. (Since DC killed him off with that idiotic “Darkest Night” crud, I swore off the books, so don’t bother telling me “He’s back,” ‘cause I don’t care). True to form, Geoff Johns STILL doesn’t get Garth and that loser never will, so he can stop taking Garth/Aqualad/Tempest’s name in vein. Subscription over: Keeping my money and you can keep this farce of a crappy ‘Titans’ story. Hail Atlantis; screw DC Comics.

Correction—should read ‘vain’ but that’s spellcheck for you. (Even the ancient AOL boards had an edit feature, you know)?! It’s nothing as bad as what appears in these lame comics these days. Btw, why do the characters on this goofy show curse so much? No one seriously thinks that’s cool—they just sound like potty-mouthed babies with no adult supervision…

This eps. was just AMAZING!!!


On one hand, it was indeed amazing.

On the other hand, I’m a little worried about how it will impact my enjoyment for the rest of the season.

During S1, my favorite episodes were the spotlights on the guest-star characters: ’ Hawk & Dove’,’ Doom Patrol’, ‘Donna Troy’, ‘Hank and Dawn’. Because of that, I don’t have as much of a connection to Rachel, Kory or Gar … and I just don’t care about them as much as I care about the originals. Heck, I wanted (and still want) a spinoff with the teenage versions of Dick and Donna just because that era intrigues me so! I feel like the old man saying that everything was ‘better in the good old days’.

So if season 2 continues to foment this kind of old-school desire in me (like ‘Aqualad’ did), I’m a little afraid I’ll just be hoping for more flashbacks instead of focusing on the present storyline.

Also, I still want Wally.

Also, also: get off my lawn.


@Super-Squirrel, I agree with you. With the danger of revealing my age, I was a fan of the original Titans (before the “new” was added!) I would love to see Roy Harper and Wally (the original one.) I find I enjoy the older Titans way more than I do the younger ones. I thought it was a good episode. But that being said Garth didn’t look or act anything like the character I remember.


@super-squirrel, I’m with you! I have very little interest in Kory, Gar and Rachel, best if they ditched them. The original team has better chemistry, and better acting skills. Jason should be given a heroic death and then comeback as the Redhood.

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I personally thought the old titans were too white and too boring no thanks :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: and aqualad wasn’t that interesting.

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