Titans: Episode 2 WTF

So after watching Titans episode 2 what is everyones thoughts ?

1, I love Hawk and Dove wow so awesome!

2, I got jumped scared by the paper ya you got me Titans ya got me.

3, Robin destroyed another mans genitals :frowning:

4, Why no Alfred haha I wanted to see him bring Dick some tea !

5, Dove can’t die why she just showed up ahhh sad face.
(She prob ain’t dead comic shows)


Loved the 1st 2 episodes and can’t wait to see more and that paper jumping out made me jump too lool. I don’t think Dove is uno what because it’s too early plus I think this has something to do with her gaining her powers of flight and dove transformation but will have to wait and see. Robin is in a dark place but it’s good that he’s aware of this himself, I’m sure we’ll see him address how he got like that because I think it’s bigger than just Bruce and we’ll soon see him overcome whatever it is bothering him. His fight scenes with Hawk and Dove was :drooling_face::fire: #DickSquad


Agreed I love his fighting scenes so far but that poor man haha can’t wait for next week!


That Robin/Dove scene though


We were only with hawk and Dove for 40 minutes and they became my favorite characters. Dove better not die or I will be very upset. My theory is that Dove’s powers are gonna save her from death bc from what we saw in that episode they just seemed like costumed vigilantes. Also what made Dawn so likeable was the kindness, as well as the pureness of Minka Kelly’s performance as an actress. Kudos to her and the nuclear family for being creepy those actors were great as well


Also Hank’s tough exterior was great but him building her the bird cage was just adorable. I loved every moment of them as a couple


Are they not avatars is this version?

They weren’t but I’m confident that they will will be and that’s how Dove will return or survive

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I fell in love with Dove! I really don’t believe she’s dead since her death was not shown on screen. That scene was so sad especially with Dick having flashbacks to his parents <\3

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I ADORED Hawk and Dove and legit teared up at the end. #letDovelive


I enjoyed the humor on top of everything else, the “G.O.T” references were hilarious.


Dove is amazing but sadly I think theres a low chance of her surviving

Loved it! This show is exceeding all expectations and i am really enjoying it. I HOPE the rumor is true about a batgirl series and dick could guest star!
I think i lile the tv universe better than the movies…


I did not like the mask Dove is wearing. I wish designers had chosen an old school form-fitting design