Titans Episode 12 scrapped

Soo why would they scrap episode 12 of Titans which is the actual season finale and instead have it be the first episode of season 2? That’s weird

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One of the interviews/articles I read indicated that they chose to end on Ep 11 based on being more of a cliffhanger than Ep 12, but that Ep 12 ‘survives in cannibalized form as season two’s premiere’. I’m guessing that since it was all shot before they’d been confirmed for a second season, they’ve decided to re-shoot parts of Ep. 12 for narrative reasons going into next season.


Also heard they scrapped an early episode that explained the origin of the nuclear family


Yeah…the cliffhanger thing. I know Donna is outside and I’ll stay tuned to see her come in and whoop more butt. That really was a weird way to end season one though. I didnt really like it. They were just getting into the nitty gritty. We all know Trigon, but for him to just take over the finale after the whole build up all season… ehh…

christopher.holzman.2180 - I think you nailed it. Episode 12 probably requires some non trivial rewrite/reshoots to fit into the season 2 storyline.

I suppose that the Titans will always be cursed with bad cliff hangers, which I call the “Things Change” curse.