Titans Ending

So I may have bashed on the show in the beginning (but to be honest everything through the Dawn being flung off a roof was kind of a drag) but the last 3 episodes were very well done though I have to say the ending was rough on me as I wanted to see Dick come out on top.

Little worried that we aren’t going to see a season 2 given reports on io9 and CBR are about DC Universe not have the sub numbers to stay around through the year and I’m hoping that either that isn’t the case or that DC can get Netflix or Amazon to pick up the original content if it does crash.

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I know they have already announced season 2…

I see a couple options happening if they are lacking subscribers…

  • Add CW content and Gotham to try to have it really all in one place
    Move DC Universe content to the eventual WB streaming service

If you REALLY wanted to get subscribers… release the Snyder Cut of Justice League exclusively on the service. Part of me wonders if they are keeping that in their back pocket if they need it. That would get people signed up


Yah Snyder Cut. :unamused:

They can just use the free trail, watch it and leave after their free trials ends. Awesome plan!!!

There are a lot of ways for them to make money off of this site other than subscriptions. Leasing the shows out to Netflix International is one of them. Does anyone think they won’t be selling Titans DVD’s of season 1 in the near future, or a toy line of DC Universe characters next Christmas?


Very true and good points @BrightKnight. Although I don’t know about a toyline given the recent change over from Mattel to Spin Masters. DC has its own toy manufacturer but who knows.

Toys might be iffy, but I think they could sell a ton of remote controlled Robot man toys. Another way to monetize the site would be to order and pay for new books here, with the option to pick them up at your comic store. They could then offer to provide the customer with an immediate digital copy of the books they bought for a small additional fee. This way you could read your new books right away, while you wait for the hard copies to show up either in the mail, or at your store.

The Titans show is basically being funded by their international deals with Netflix. Which in turn pays for the shows and makes them profitable, then they are used to help bring in new subscribers to DCU. So sure it will get a season 2 as long as the service is here at all. Don’t know what kind of numbers DCU gets or what kind they need (CBR and io9 not to diss them are hardly the Wall Street Journal) but I will admit the fact these forums are no bigger then they are is probably not a good sign. I hope not thought because I love this service and do not want it to go away especially this year, but will also admit DC has made mistakes starting out. Would assume something like this was not planning to rake in loads of money right out of the gate, streaming services take time, WWE Network lost money it’s first year too. But DC maty have seen it as a cash grab we don’t know.

I do think the Warner service could be an issue for sure. Honestly if it is going to be more expensive then HBO like some say I frankly don’t want it, I am not spending that much for one streaming service especially a new one. I think there is room for it and DCU to exist (although it would mean the new movies would never come here which is bad, but a site featuring a comic selection and less recent movies and TV shows could co-exist depending of if it could draw in enough.

As for the Gotham and CW shows… those shows have pre-existing streaming deals. DCU is not keeping them off here because they thought we wanted to watch Superboy and Birds of Prey more then The Flash and Arrow. I doubt even if they wanted they could put them on here before 2019 ends without at the very least paying a boat load of money (likely millions) to end the current streaming deals which godo chance Netflix would not want to do anyway.