Titans/Doom Patrol figures???

Does any one know if Dc universe will have exclusive Titans or Doom Patrol figures? Anywhere else that sells them???


I don’t know but I’d most likely buy them. Of the Doom Patrol figures offered in the past, I never bought a complete team, just favorite characters. This time I might want the whole team.

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Waiting for something as well.

Am not sure as of right now, @HaruTheCatGirl, but can check on that for you, and either way, will definitely let the team know you’re interested in seeing such :slight_smile:

Thanks! I forgot mods worked at dc and would actually know stuff!

What do you do at dc?

i need some more exclusive figures!

I think figures based of the shows would be fun DC Universe exclusives! Figures based on the designs of the shows would go great with the DC Collectible figures based off the Arrowverse!

I think NOT having figures from the shows is a mistake. Part of the full DC/ Marvel/ Comic fan experience is having the tangible item. The projection of imagination into your hands or on your shelf. Really hope we get some figures. If the DC mods are prowlin’ like the bat family on rooftops. I totally would like Robin figures (Grayson and Todd), Doom Patrol figures (Robotman would look sick!) and just some awesome goodies for the various shrines and fan caves out there.

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Toy Fair is less than a month away. Hope to see some Titans and Young Justice stuff. Along with Doom Patrol and the like too.

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i hope that the DC team can make exclusive pop figures and sell them on the app so that way people actually know you cant buy them anywhere else and also i just wanna add to my collection

what is Toy Fair??? This sounds fun! I would very much like to make an appearance.

Toy Fair is Christmas in February for toy fans. It’s where the majority of new toys (of interest to us, action figures and other collectibles) are shown off for the year to buyers of various retail outlets and members of the press. It’s not open to the public though, so the best way to see what’s what is online.

I’m hoping someone will finally be doing figures for Metal, but I’m not holding my breath either.

I’d love DC Collectibles to have an ongoing line of more exclusive figures based on their exclusive shows. I’ve got a ton of the 3 3/4’’ Young Justice figures from the shows original run, but would love a line similar to the Batman TAS line DCC has been putting out!

interesting… I thought there was already figures for Metal

@Haru, sadly no. There are statues for Metal but no action figures yet.