Titans: Atonement Reaction Thread SPOILERS!

I thought this was kind of a messed up episode. I get that that team feels betrayed and stuff. But what happens after is kind of messed up all on its own. I didn’t really like this episode because 1. Hank ditches Dawn for no reason other than the fact that he is lashing out. 2. Dick just really needs to get his act together. I am tired of this waiting game that we have to sit through. I know it’s character building, but gosh dang he needs a win. 3. The episode kind of took a lighter turn with Gar. But it had to go and blow up in our faces, by having yet another assault on Police Officers. Seriously, those are men trying to do their job, which is keeping us safe. Now they get blown up and straight up murdered and I am guessing “Superboy” (who is pretty irredeemable at this point) will just walk away without consequences. I haven’t seen the whole series though, but I really hope someone actually deals some justice for that unjustified murder.
Kind of trying to focus on the Gar stuff though. Also, really tired of seeing SB without clothes.

I feel dumb for not going further down the list to find the reaction thread. Can a mod combine this with the main thread? Is that an option now?

This episode wasn’t my favorite if I’m being honest, a lot of stuff happened that made me dislike the characters. Hank, Dawn and Donna act all high and mighty but they also are responsible for what happened to Jericho. At least Grayson was brave enough to admit it.

I agree, we get it, Conner has a butt, now stop showing it every time.

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This episode was okay it had its good and its bad sides to it but at the same time it was good of them to put some more focus Gar and his character

My Review of the episode https://youtu.be/Eoz0tXtzAlc

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