Tired of Batman

Seeing this app. Upset me so much to see how much dc favors batman. And before anybody starts professing that batman makes money. Well, I kept selling you the same hamburger over and over again. Of course you see the money. All you do is invest in the same burger. Versus marvel, they truly appreciate and show love to all their characters, no matter how big or small. The dc universe will never be big, because the people in power are lazy and short sighted. They dont see all the money that’s sitting on the table. Marvel did see, and that’s why they are way more financial successful in their movies rather than dc. Dc keeps giving us hamburgers vs marvel has been giving us drinks, sides, fries, different varieties etc… please dc make movies about other character. Stop shoving batman down our throats. Sooner or later we’ll get tired of it. And because you put all your eggs in one basket. You’ll fail

What lol

  1. They have extra Batman stuff because of Batman Day.
  2. Look at the list if everyone’s Top 10. Looks pretty spot on for what’s offered here.

Also, Marvel put Wolverine in every comic for years and now Deadpool is in every comic. The Big 2 aren’t that different in who they show love to; it’s always been about who makes money.


Batman is DC, imagine it without him, most of us probably wouldn’t be here without that character

Incorrect. Marvel was forced to use their less popular characters for their movies. They sold off the film rights for Spider-Man and the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. If Marvel had escaped their Financial Problems, without selling off all their Characters to random film companies, I have very little doubt we’d be living in a world where Marvel Movies were almost exclusively about Spider-Man.

But if you look at what Comics and Animated TV Shows they peddle, you’ll see they’re pushing Spider-Man waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than DC has ever pushed Batman during your lifetime.

It would be cool to see “Vertigo” titles drop on here. When it comes to the superhero comics I prefer “Batman” first and foremost. That is what’s cool about this app, I can read books I normally wouldn’t buy with my subscription here.

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@rojasdavid62.49399 Please remember DC Universe Launched on Batman Day & it is a MAJOR Milestone year for the character. They have been clear DC Universe stuff will rotate. It is impossible to please everyone all the time. The DC Daily couch is a great example of this as I cringed all week as on air personalities admitted they had never read /watched key parts of the DCU before doing background for that piece. While you may not care for the Bat Family. Most fans have at least 1 character they follow from Gotham making Bat stuff a safe programing options until their original programing and Netflix / Hulu contracts expire and they can put more syndication DC (Smallville / Arrowverse) on DC Universe