Timeline Question.. Regarding Wonder Woman 1984 and Justice League

Okay, so in Justice League, Bruce Wayne was being a jerk and talking about how Wonder Woman disappeared for a century, right? So we get this new movie, “WW 1984”. Some set photos from the wrap show her in very public places. Batman would definitely knowabout these events, am I right? He would have been young, but it would have been known. I’m confused. I hope it’s addressed. Maybe they had those Men In Black mind erasers.

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Unless there is a Snyder Cut, it may be better to simply disregard any continuity between the movie and any other “DCEU” film- simply look at Justice League as an Elseworlds story. The reason for this is because Batman was a wimp in Justice League, so it’s not good for comparisons.


some say it’s alternate earth, which explains why Antiope and Steve are in it

otoh, Bruce lost his parents in BvS in 1981 … it could be he withdrew from society enough not to know or care about WW three years later


Alternate Earth? I hear you. I’m a diehard DC guy. That’s lame though. These movies have some connection. It’s the the same Diana? Is it not?

I understand both of you guys.

I’m just gonna watch Titans. Lol… so good

Do you think that’s where theyre going? Idk

Same Diana. Some mentions of continuity between “DCEU” films, but Justice League bombed it for comics, and not a good bomb.

When WB executives expect a HIGHLY anticipated live action Justice League movie (first live action movie as well) to be cut under two hours which includes “mentioning” unfamiliar characters of Barry Allen, Victor Stone, and Arthur Curry (no time for GL or Martian Manhunter, obviously), as well as cutting out any 30 second footage of Steppenwolf and Darkseid (which easily could have replaced the Luthor/Deathstroke meet or Flash/Superman race), then the film is already headed for disaster.

I will argue the best parts of the movie are Mera, Superman actually smiling, Batman on the ledge at the beginning (up until he talks to the criminal), and Deathstroke. Take those moments out and it will be like staring at a watch for 1 hour 45 minutes, although watching a clock tick by would be more interesting than that film.

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Lol. Can we friend others? You understand.

I thought that end credit scene was uncomfortable. It didn’t fit.

My guess is that there is some organization like Argus or Checkmate that is keeping incidents of superhuman activity under wraps and off the radar of even someone with Bruce’s resources prior to the first appearance of Superman and the battle of Metropolis.

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@jimbo45oc Yes, that end credits scene did seem odd because it seemed like the one piece of the movie untouched by Joss Whedon. While he claimed that he changed some of the lines, I think he says things for attention, so that could have been the case.

@TheDemonEtrigan This is Bruce Wayne though. He knows about Amanda Waller- she essentially became absorbed under his watch at the end of Suicide Squad. But prior to that, he apparently had no idea other supers existed, other than Superman, once he accidentally destroyed Wayne Financial, I believe.

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It will be explained just like the other movies.

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Either something will be done to explain it, or they’re just going to retcon that whole “hiding for decades” thing.

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Just askin…