Tim Drake new code name Drake

Thanks i hate it


I actually kinda like it. The name is much better than Red Robin. The suit is not my favorite, but newer images that Bendis has posted show a red and black emblem in the corner of his suit.

I agree with a post above that Drake is too much of a clue to Tim’s identity. He is my second favorite Robin after Dick.


Yeah, Bemdis screwed the pooch with that codename. Tim deserves more respect than that. It’s as bad as “The Mighty Tim”. I could take or leave the costume. As far as a bird-themed name goes, how about “Shrike” They are predator birds, also called “Butcher birds” because they can be really savage.


I’m ok with the codename Drake, although I think they will have to reference why Drake is appropriate and not just his last name.

His costume in the other hand, ugh. It’s horrible. Maybe if the colors were different. I’m hoping that his costume will evolve over a couple issues

No! It killed Terry Taylor!

As for the Drake nom-de-guerre and the costume, there is no part of this that isn’t foolish.

What was the name of that evil future Tim? “Savior?” That works. Why not that?


him being codenamed Drake kind of reveals his secret idenity right

“hey Tim Drake you look just like that super hero Drake”

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I don’t hate the new costume but I wish the brown parts were red instead. As for Drake, I don’t hate it either but it bugs me that he’s just using his last name even if it is bird-related. It also makes me think of the rapper Drake every time I hear it (which is weird since I’m old and barely know any of his songs).

Back before the New 52 I read the Red Robin series and I didn’t really like that identity for him either. What I really wanted was for Tim to wear a costume similar to Nightwing’s but red instead of blue (again, this was before the blue in Nightwing’s costume was changed to red in the New 52) and I wanted his name to be Redwing. I always thought that would’ve been cool.


My top choices for his name are

  1. Sparrow

  2. Cardinal

  3. Firebird (if that one isn’t in use anymore)

  4. Red bird

  5. The new Dr. midnight


oooh. I like that idea. Better than the crap we got… Ric and Drake…

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Honestly, it being his last name bothers me more than it being a duck. Like, okay, it’s a predatory danger on that Earth whatever it’s still stupid. It’s a code name He’s already just wearing a half mask you don’t need ppl to be looking at him like “Yeah, he’s about Tim Drake’s height and wieght and hair color and his NAME is Drake just like Tim and now that he’s said it there’s a subconcious trigger…”

It’s incredibly stupid for someone who’s supposed to be a smart as Tim. I’d rather he took Spoiler as a name…

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HA! Dr Midnight would have been the ultimate troll move. :+1:t4: