Three Jokers

I’m debating pre-ordering the hardcover collection of “Three Jokers” (I’m more of a trade collector). How was the first issue?

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Wonderful, solid start, awsome art, Batgirl actualy looks like Batgirl.

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The first issue was everything I could hope for. Johns and Fabok are clearly doing something that is not deeply tied to current continuity, but rather takes little bits and pieces from the entirety of the Batman mythos and works it into a cohesive story. Beyond that, I’ll say that the first issue gave me a feeling that this miniseries is not only about the mystery of the three Jokers, but also how different people cope with trauma. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then preorder away!

Fantastic! It did a great job at setting up the story while delivering a really effective mix of suspense and action, not to mention some big developments early on. And as we’ve come to expect, Fabok’s artwork was insanely beautiful. I can’t imagine this series will disappoint, though I’m still gonna wait until reading the last issue to get the trade just so I can make absolutely sure it’s a series I’ll want to re-read multiple times over. I can’t imagine you’d have any trouble getting a copy close to or after the release date, so I think waiting until all 3 issues are out and seeing what people have to say then could be a better bet

Loved it. Definitely worth reading.

So far, so good! #1 hit the ground running, and then some.

Really good. I was kind of skeptical but it met and exceeded my expectations.