Thoughts regarding "The Batman"

Matt Reeves is directing “The Batman” coming in 2021 with Robert Pattinson in the role. I’ve had some questions/thoughts regarding the film.

BEN AFFLECK - I know that he is no longer in the role, but with this film reportedly focusing on the early years of Batman’s career, there could still be a chance that this Batman will connect to Ben Affleck’s portrayal. Whether or not that ends up being the case is yet to be seen.

TIME SETTING - From the sound of it, “The Batman” could be taking place in the 1990s. This is strange to me. We’ve already had multiple Batman films take place in that time period. If Robert Pattinson doesn’t end up playing a younger version of Batfleck, what reason are they using for picking this time period?

VILLAINS - It has been reported that the film will be using multiple villains for the movie. But the two that keep coming up in rumors are The Penguin and Catwoman. This also seems strange because these two have already been in the same movie together. If these two do end up in the movie, I can be all right with it if there are more villains involved and we have a new kind of story to justify it. Which leads me to the next topic…

STORY - Matt Reeves has certainly taken his time if figuring out what story he wants to tell. Which I am more than ok with, he is at his best when he tells stories that are character focused and driven. Now, it has been reported that he wants to tell a story that really focuses on a mystery that Batman has to utilize his detective skills for. This is something that I think a lot of Batman live-action movies have been lacking. In terms of what kind of story that could be…I think I’ll save that for a separate post.

THE FUTURE - At one point, it had been reported that Matt Reeves was planning to launch a new trilogy of Batman films. Is this still the plan, or are we looking at a one time film?


Yes I have faith that Pattinson will deliver a stunning performance. Let’s not forget, he has been casted for Christopher Nolan’s next movie. We all know that Nolan is one of Hollywood’s best directors if not the best one right now, so I have faith that Robert will be spectacular in The Batman. I also love the idea of a detective Batman. Recently, we have seen Batman been challenged mentally and physically in TDKR and BvS, so I’m excited to see his detective side be explored because it’s never been done before. I also heard that instead of a supervillains, Falcone and Maroni could be used as the main villain, which could be interesting


I love that the film could be set in the 90s. I just picture a New York in the 70s-90s. A little grimy and just more dangerous. It’s a time when there’s more street crime and a vigilante seems more needed and more believable. Plus it’s just a good aesthetic for Gotham. I always think Batman works better in older time periods.


But the problem with that is that we already have multiple movies set in the 90s that were also released in the 90s. We have “Returns”, “Mask of the Phantasm” and the 2 other films that shall not be named.

I want this movie to try out new things. How would the technology of today affect Batman and his methods? Would they improve him as a detective? We got a hint of that in “The Dark Knight” but it should be further explored

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In addition to Batmans Returns, Mask of the Phantasm, Forever & Robin, Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero was also released in the 90’s.

If you want to be technical, so too was Batman Beyond: The Movie. However, that was just home video marketing parlance for the first few episodes of the show and not a real movie by any means.

The same can also be said for The Batman/Superman Movie, as that too was a home video release of episodes from a TV series that were marketed as a feature.

As for The Batman, I’d really prefer to see villians that haven’t been in movies yet. Clayface is just begging to be in a movie, and he’s definitely a character that could prove to be a mystery for Batman.

Man-Bat can also fit into the trappings of a good mystery yarn as well. I’d love to see Stan Winston Studios go ape**** and design a truly terrifying animatronic Man-Bat for his live action debut, were he to have one. Man-Bat also provides abundant opportunities for incredible make-up and prothetics designs as well.


I don’t really know much about Pattinson as an actor other than Harry Potter. But I have faith in Matt Reeves. He did a great job with War for the Planet of the Apes and I think he can do well with this.

Pattinson has a new film coming out in October with William Dafoe, called “The Lighthouse”. You should check that out and then maybe try a couple other films of his

With regards to the 90s setting, none of those movies from the 90s took place in any setting that could be recognized as the 90s. Moto and b:tas took place in some weird 1930s hodgepodge and the Burton/Schumacher films were in some weird gothic/neon fever dream. It they happened in the 90s and if it wasnt for the CD in Returns and the music in Forever and B&R one would be hard pressed to pinpoint their time and setting.
That said, the only reason to set it in the 90s is to keep the Affleck version canon, which I believe has been completely abandoned. So I think it will be set in current times now that they arent tied down to another version.

I’m not sure we know enough about the film to have anything to really discuss about it. Matt Reeves has a fairly good track record, and the last two Planet of the Apes movies were well done. Many fans had negative reactions to Robert Pattinson’s casting (calling him the Twilight Knight), but, in his defence, he’s previously stepped away from big budget movies and acted in several smaller, independent films, in a clear effort to hone his craft and build a body of non-Twilight work he can show casting agents. Having previously only seen him briefly in the fourth Harry Potter film, I’m prepared to suspend judgement until I have something to go on. Not much else to really say that isn’t speculation at this point.

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I’ve heard a lot of thing from it being like Long Halloween to it being full of villains. Penguin and Catwoman sound cool for sure but I agree with @Vroom. Other villains like Clayface Man Bat could use a shot. Even people like Scarface Falcone or even Mad Hatter would be cool to see.

Still looking forward to the mivie and can’t wait for it.


The 90s is a good era. It’s hard to take seriously a new to the game Batman happening post 9/11. You would have the cops, the FBI, NSA, and the US military swarming Gotham.

I think DC is also playing to a strength in doing period pieces. Especially as one of film. Wonder Woman provide so successful at that, the next one is set in 1984.

They still (hopefully will) sweep Batfleck under the rug. They know there is no reason to keep the MOS/MvS/JL continuity. The great part of WW first film was that it had no need for that continuity. You didn’t need to have seen either BvS or JL to see that movie, it stood in its own feet.

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On the continuity thing, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if once WB gets the gumption to try to do another Justice League movie, they’ll get Patterson to play the Batman there.

“Sources tell Variety that Jonah Hill is in talks to join Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” Insiders also say Jeffrey Wright is in talks to play Commissioner Gordon.”
Jeffrey is great actor, so down with this! Hill is being eyed for either Penguin or Riddler. That will be interesting. :bat:

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I LOVED the apes films! so that definitely a plus for me. I’m also inclined to agree Robert needs to be given a chance.

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Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon is fantastic news.

Based on what I’ve seen of Jonah Hill’s work, I can’t imagine him as either Riddler or Penguin, especially if the movie is supposed to have a more serious tone. For the Riddler, I once read rumors about Chiwetel Ejiofor possibly being cast for the role and both James McAvoy and Eddie Redmayne expressed interest in the part. Any of those three actors would be great for Riddler. For Penguin, Josh Gad’s name often comes up, but like Hill he also seems too comedic for the part. I think Oliver Platt would be good for the role, but he’s busy working on Chicago Med.


I’d sooner see Jonah Hill as The Ventriloquist. I think he could nail that.


@EDT But all those films were just made in the late 80s-90s and none of them really captured the tone of the 90s I was describing, aside from maybe Batman 89. The Burton films, TAS, and Mask of the Phantasm were all designed to be in a hybrid era of older decades mixed with some newer tech.

On top of that we’ve had Batman in the current/modern era too with Nolan’s films and Affleck. So that’s not anything new either.

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I mean the only fresh thing you could do with the timeline is make Pattinson become Terry McGinnis and do a Batman Beyond movie. (Unpopular opinion but I got zero interest in a Batman Beyond movie) so the time line doesn’t bother me if its set in the 1990s or in the modern era.

As much as I loved Ben Affleck as Batman (hell the guy is in my avatar picture) its time we move on from him. Affleck himself is already moving on so should the DCEU fans.

As for the villains I’ve heard The Riddler, Penguin, Firefly along with Catwoman. This is completely fine with me. They are all major players in Batman’s rogues gallery and they are familiar with the public. Going with some obscure heavily unknown Batman villain may not work for the first film. Unless they are playing a side role. Catwoman is pretty much the main woman in Bruce’s life so seeing her on screen again doesn’t bother me.

Jonah Hill has proven himself as an accomplished actor. He’s come a long way from Superbad and Jeffrey Wright is also an accomplished actor as well to the point that I don’t care that Gordon and probably Batgirl will be played by people of color.

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I think the time period for this film is going to depend a lot on what direction WB/DC decides to go with Superman. When the 90s setting was first suggested, Cavill was firmly set as Superman and Affleck was going to continue as Batman in Justice League sequels. If they’re going to reboot Superman with a new actor, they might want him and Pattinson both operating in the present day to keep the door open for a team-up. OR they could do a 90s Superman and bring back the mullet…