Thoughts on new episode of Titans

Is the show getting better or is it more of a rocky type of series? Thoughts?


It gets better but damn episode 7 is the darkest both in tone and visually.


Its really violent, and this weeks episode was the most graphic by far… and that’s not a bad thing, I like that its gritty like this.

I like that the storyline is revolved around Rachel. Shes pretty much the heart of the shows story and really brings them all together.

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I just have to say. We know that Dick is officially ok with killing people. Even if everyone that got a pipe to the face survived, they were all unconscious when the building got burned down. I enjoyed the episode and thought it was pretty good! I just hate how Rachel’s stupid decision caused the entire team to go through all that torture, and how she brought literally the worst out of everyone. By the time that episode was over, every one had killed someone. It just made me mad that Rachel didn’t listen to Dick and because of that, now everyone has blood on their hands, and everyone lost their crap a little bit.


It was a great psychological thriller episode with good drama. Especially liked the stuff with Dick and Gar.


This episode was a real letdown for me. I thought the tone was set well by previous episodes, darker than Arrowverse but not left field from the source material. But this episode brought back my worry for this show. I hope they all grow past this violent killing stint. Other episodes have shown they know how to win without it, but here they decide they need to kill for no reason other than the writing called for it. Just my opinion, others can enjoy the deviation if they like.


This episode was very graphic. They went for it here for sure. Like previously stated I hope the team turns a corner here and things get a little less homicidal from here. Still enjoyed the episode though. Cant wait to see Dick become Nightwing. Oh and next week Donna Troy!

I’m interested in seeing Donna but I’m honestly more excited for Starfire finally being Starfire and knowing what/who she is