Thoughts on Naomi #1

I’ve actively avoided the current run of massive universe-shaking style of DC comics. I wasn’t pleased with New 52 or Rebirth. I know I’d hate Heroes in Crisis. Metal was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve read in my 30 years of reading comics. Convergence was meh. Rebirth was a waste of time. Etc.

So when I hear the almighty Bendis has come to DC to shake things up, I actively avoid his take on established titles. I know his MO, and I’m just not interested. I’d prefer to see something that he’s creating without tearing down at the same time. I figured, I’d give Naomi a chance.

Here’s the summary:
Naomi is a high schooler. Everybody in town is friendly. One day, Superman fought a villian and crashed through their town. The fight lasted about 20 seconds, and Naomi didn’t see it.
Then, Naomi remembers an old town rumor that something like that happened a long time ago. But, nobody will tell her anything about it.
Then, Naomi asks a mechanic (who she’s never talked to in her entire life), and he remembers, but he wasn’t there. Whatever it was that happened, he remembers, it happened the same day that Naomi was adopted.
The End

Call me old fashioned, but I like some story when I buy a book. Back in my day, comics had a plot… every single issue!

So that’s my review of the first Bendis comic I ever read.


I mean…that is a plot? Like you don’t have to like it or anything, but calling it plotless is false. You have setup- something happened and Superman came to to town, and apparently something similar happened however many years previous, but no one remembers it and/or doesn’t want to talk about it. That brings you into the rest of the issue, where Naomi tries to figure out what happened the first time, asking multiple people before even finding out that the mechanic might know something. Like, that is, indeed, a plot- something happens, a mystery is introduced, a character searches for answers, said character gets answers. It’s not the most plot heavy issue ever, I’ll give you that- it was definitely more focused on establishing the setting, cast, and Naomi herself, but it does have a plot. And I’m not saying you need to think it’s good or anything, because that would be ridiculous, I’m just saying I disagree.

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I agree with you on many points, The New 52 was not very good, and Bendis likes to destroy established characters so i avoid him like the plague. However, Hero’s in crisis is pretty good, you should give it a shot, also the Teen titans Rebirth and Titans Rebirth are amazing comics give them a shot you will enjoy it. But yeah the DC events of recent have not been very good. The last really great DC comic event I read was Identity Crisis, that comic made sense and was so very very good. I also liked the first red robin run, the one written by Chris Yoist, that was amazing, But yeah, i just did not enjoy dark nights metal it just seemed too convoluted and all over the place, and Convergence was awful, possibly the most awful comic I have ever read.

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Alright. Now I’ve read Naomi #2. There is less plot in this issue than the first. I mean, it’s really disappointing. I think there were five speaking roles: Naomi wants answers to the last issue, her foster parents don’t have answers, her friend doesn’t have answers, and the mechanic from last issue speak but doesn’t say anything new. So, in this issue, nothing new happened.


This took a political turn with fewer comments than most discussions.


I dislike YJ a lot right now. Give me Peter David any day. It’s as bad as reading All New X-Men right now.


Ugh. I honestly wasn’t expecting S.J.W. stuff.
Well, I’m going to keep an open mind. So far, I don’t see anything like that from the first two issues. So far, I don’t see much of anything.

I guess this is one of the reasons why so many readers are waiting for the trades. As a kid, with limited money, limited access to the comic shop, and a short attention span, I seriously doubt I would’ve picked up issue #2. There’s really just nothing memorable about issue #1.

But at this rate, I doubt there’s going to be much of anything memorable for a trade.

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The right thing is for you to keep an open mind. My suggestion is to read anything and everything that you want. Then make your own decision. On most forums and social media platforms, all there seems to be is people (like myself, it seems) just ready to bash on stuff.

As for Naomi (the comic) like you I found it lacking anything memorable. But it does get better.

I read Naomi #3 last night. Seems like some plot snuck in. However, this plot has nothing to do with the title character. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe Naomi’s supposed to be the reader’s conduit into the DC world. (I don’t think this is Bendis’s goal, but it could make a pretty good story. Something like a Jimmy Olsen story.)

Summary thus far…
The mysterious mechanic is actually a Thangarian warrior who’s gone AWOL. And Naomi’s adoptive dad is Rannian. Naomi’s adoptive mom might be Rannian as well, but we don’t know. When it comes to Naomi, well, there’s nothing special about her.

That’s right, if you were buying this off the rack, you’d be $12 in. And there is zero to be said about the protagonist. I can’t imagine how frustrated I’d be as a kid, spending what little money I had on a story about nothing.

I know I’m going to get shredded on this but thoroughly enjoyed the series.

First, it’s a new character that is being built is a well established universe. She’s different from any other character which is what I like. Second, we have a different perspective. We are seeing this from someone who lives in a small town that is affected by events that are “larger than life.”
Yeah this isn’t your normal series but why would we want it to be. People complain about characters having their race or gender changed. When we get a new character these same people trash the new characters. I love the fact that we are getting new characters and welcome more. I don’t know that my opinion is unpopular. So you can go ahead and tell me how I’m the problem, that I like bad stories, I don’t understand how things are supposed to be and all your other ways to try to make me feel bad about “my opinion.” I will always stand by my claim that Naomi is an awesome character and her comic series was great.


Welcome to the community @oneshotcustoms.54315! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Naomi - I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the series. I think the unique perspective helped to draw readers into a story that’s not exactly traditional for DC, but still ultimately works. Are you planning on watching the upcoming Naomi television series? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Additionally, please feel free to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :muscle:


I love Naomi she a Top dawg in my book for sure absoloutely have her on my list for my newer fav characters

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