Thoughts On DC Connect?

For those who don’t know

DC Connect DC CONNECT #1 | DC is essentially a digital version of DC’s previously physically released “DC Previews Catalog” where DC would solicit upcoming comics, graphic novels, statues, and many other things. The Previews Catalog would typically be available at local comic book stores for store owners and customers to look through and place orders from. For instance, personally I would get my own personal copy of Previews from my store, and would stand at the counter and look through it and talk about upcoming stories, books, characters, authors, and such with the shop workers and then let them know what books I would like to add to my subscription list. Instead of being able to enjoy a physical copy one would now have to go to the link I posted above to the DC website and download a free digital version.

On the inside of the first issue of DC Connect you can read,
“In the coming months we’ll evolve this
catalog into something that truly embraces communication to all DC fans.
In future issues of DC Connect you can look forward
to expanded content including talent interviews, preview pages from upcoming stories, behind-the-scenes looks at projects in development, multimedia content,
and more! The catalog will also have a new look and
layout, making it more engaging and easier to quickly
absorb the important information you need to make
informed ordering decisions.”

I like the idea of the statement there for sure, and I am excited to see what DC Connect becomes but… I am not excited by it being available only digitally. People go to a comic store to buy physical comic books not to buy digital books. I think there is a preference for many people to hold the paper in their hand not an electronic copy. And while the solicitations are for some digital releases as well, I feel like physical copies would be great (and probably preferable) to send to shops and even make available to consumers. I also don’t like being in a place with people, with whom I want to have a social interaction, and have to have my phone out while talking to them in order to talk with them about what is in the DC Connect download. I feel like it just conveys the wrong message (maybe I am reading too much into it.)

Anyway, what are your thoughts on DC Connect, its format, and its purpose? Are you “DC Connecting” (see what I did there?) with store employees as much, with the solicitations being released digitally? Would you like to see a physical release? Do you prefer the digital method? Let me know.


I think it’s cool, but I’m also old school & prefer hard copy catalogs. Regardless, this is what DC is doing, I’ll have to go along with it.

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I like it! I actually made a comment in the suggestions thread that a free digital catalog like that should made available on DCU. On one hand, it’s a natural place for it to be. On the other, it could spark many fun discussions on these boards.


@RandallusPrime I agree with everything you just said.
@moro I was thinking about them putting it on here as well. I like that idea a lot!


I’d love to see the old Direct Currents they used to put out. I’ve actually got a small collection of those (or I used to).


Is DC Connect not published anymore on the site? Last one I see is June solicits posted March 18th, over a month ago.