Thoughts on Aquaman annual #2?

What’s everyone’s opinions of the new annual? Personally i thought it was a nice break from all the year of the villain seriousness and had nice lighthearted humor.
It also helped to give the sea gods some character. Hopefully they’re at least recurring characters if not new members of the aquafam.
Also can we appreciate how good a boy salty is?


I enjoyed it. I really like everything that has been going on in the Aquaverse right now. I agree that a break from the YOTV story is nice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying all of that but I feel that I want to explore more of the Aquaman that Kelly is building. The sea gods are intriguing but so is Mera’s pregnancy!!!

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I loved it. This entire Aquaman series has been one great writer after another but each with their own slight twist on the character. KSD is doing a great job adding heart to the bk and this is example A


Gotta say im worried about mera’s pregnancy cuz we all know how their first child ended… unless the baby is mareena!!!

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I thought it was fine, but I don’t feel like I was the intended audience, as I’m not a big light hearted guy. My favorite part was explaining the whole issue to my friend, who always asks about each issue and how nuts the aqua mythos gets. Was it necessary, no… but I enjoyed it for what it was worth.

Yeah, I can see that. It’s nice to have a lighthearted break every now and again. It can help put the larger arcs and mythos in perspective.

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100% It will be a very intriguing read though to find out what happens.

It gave us Sea Daddy.

The single greatest supervillain ever to flow from a pen.

So yeah, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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