Thoughts on a Deadman TV show

I would love for them to develop a Deadman show. Or have a team up show with Deadman possessing the body. Thoughts?


Yes. Bring a whole new light of characters, like magicians and JL dark characters.

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A Justice league dark animated series would be stupid amazing!

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@LEXC0RP it’ll bring a whole new LIGHT to the Justice League DARK?

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I think it would need to be animated. When not possessing someone Deadman is usually floating of the ground and always seems to fly into someone to take them over. Lots of CGI required and that ain’t cheap.

But, a JL Dark animated series would be great!!

(I was trying to make a pun, but nvm)

Oh shoot, I just read the comments out of order and it seemed like lex’s first comment was about my first one. I’m sorry!

I would love to see a Deadman show, I think it could be awesome.

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A Deadman show would work, imo. It would be like Quantum Leap with mystical beings. Helping out new people while he tries to solve the mystery of his own murder.

^ Quantum Leap was my first thought^