Thomas Wayne Earth 2

This is a study of Thomas Wayne as drawn by Nicola Scott. It was done in ClipStudioPaintEZ. I’ve included the blue line with which I started.


I love the muscle shading!! :+1:

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Thank you, you’re kind to say. :grin::+1:t2:

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great use of the media - can I ask what brush(es) you used for the final inked version? I downloaded a couple of free ClipStudio packs, but I’m not sure I found one I like.

ohhh, and YES - I should also say how good your proportions, anatomy and line styling are too. I can see that you would be able to draw well in any medium.

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I actually use a set of brushes created by YouTuber Robert Marzullo. They’re great.

And thanks for the kind compliments. :pray::blush: