This Week’s Sweepstakes: Crisis on Infinite Earths Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win here!

Get ready as the CW crossover event heats back up.

This week, we are helping you know everything there is to know about the Crisis on Infinite Earths! This box set contains every and all stories, crossovers, behind the scenes, and making of the iconic DC Comics event that you can find. If you are the ultimate DC Comics fan, this is a must! Enter now for a chance to win!

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through January 17th!


Whoa! This looks amazing! I entered!


1 please to go, thx.


holy infinite moly :harley_hv_3:


I want this! Since chances of me winning are zero (give or take), I will probably buy it. Expensive but worth it.

Very, very cool set.


It would be interesting for them to share how many are entering these contests. Won’t say where I saw this (it’s pretty easy to locate), but there are something like 150,000+ registered members to this forum.

How many of those members are actually registering for the sweepstakes? 10%? 25%?

The odds of winning are greater than we actually think.


Sure, but of course I didn’t win - numbers notwithstanding. :wink:

Just ordered my set today. Can’t wait for it to get here.

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Got it in this evening. Some initial impressions:

Shipped well protected. Box inside a box inside a box.
Display box has great graphics.
14 hard cover books inside the display box.
A bit disappointed with quality for a $500 list set of books ($322 @ Amazon)
Display box is fairly cheaply made and book pages are of mediocre quality. Would have expected premium paging for that price. Books feel light in hand.
Displays nicely. Looks very nice on the shelf.
I’ll need to look closer, but it appears that the entire maxi-series plus some extras, and all tie-ins are included.

It may sound like I’m disappointed in the purchase. I’m not. There is an awful lot to like. Just disappointed that my quality expectations for that price point were not met.

Some pictures coming tomorrow.


Whoa! Those are amazing!

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Wow, congrats if your the one who won it. That looks amazing

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Looks great - I may try and pick this up.

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Lol, no, just the opposite. I bought it because I didn’t win it. But thanks!

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okay so who won it ?

Haha, ok.

Someone who probably isn’t a part of the community but a part of the sevice

@GLCSector3295 and @adamtankersley - You can find out more about our winners by checking out the Sweepstakes Winners Hall of Fame page! :slight_smile:

why would they need to be apart of the " community" in order to win. the entire point of the sweepstakes is for paying members to have a chance to win.

They dont, I dont ever think I said they had to be a part of it, I was answering someone else who asked who won the prize, which I jus th saw was you. I thought I answered you clearly, you said who won it and I wrote"someone who probably isn’t a part of the community(this forum) but a part of this service(dc universe). I’m pretty sure I never said anyone had to be part of the forum to win