this must have been answered already but..

Anyone know why some of the episodes are locked for young justice season 3?
Episode 14 and the rest of the season are locked

They’re not released, yet.
Young Justice is releasing with two half seasons, kinda like how AMC does Walking Dead.
The second half will be starting soon.
I believe right after Doom Patrol finishes.

July 2nd

@leonardo that’s false info it starts back July 2nd they already announced that

Not really false, just old.
The schedule I pulled up was before they pushed it back a month.

Hey @denverbroncos1986.50787! As others here have pointed out, the rest of the season of Young Justice will be released On July 2nd. Keep an eye out for it then!

Again, I’d like to thank everyone for jumping in with this information. You’re all real heroes! :raised_hands:

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Hey Zatanna, could you pass this along for me, please?

“Gnirb kcab Neerg Nretnal: Eht Detamina Seires!”

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