this app will not cast to smart tv

Frustrating that I can only watch shows and movies on android phone as the cast option simply loads and nothing else.

There are streaming devices like Roku and Fire TV that you can download the DC Universe app on though. I use both of those devices although I think there are more devices that are supported

@rocco74, I don’t see a dedicated app on Fire TV. Am I missing something? The only way I know to access via Fire TV is to use the Silk web browser to go to the website, and you can’t stream through that (or I can’t).

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You should be able to use an app called Screen Mirroring. It will cast whatever is on your (Android) phone to your (smart) TV.

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@Batfan.Kyle I’m sorry it’s not available yet on Fire Tv I read it wrong. It says it’s available on Apple Tv and Android Tv along with Roku, Android devices, iOS devices, and the web. Does your Smart tv have the Google play store or access to it so maybe you can download the DC Universe app there? I’m using a Kindle Fire that I downloaded Google’s Playstore on. I didn’t have to jailbreak the Kindle to get the Playstore of have to do anything special in order to download the DC Universe app. A quick Google search of your Smart Tv and how to install Google Playstore should show you how to get it on your Smart Tv if you need to get it

@Batfan.Kyle I did a quick Google search and you can download the Google Playstore on Fire Tv without having to root or jailbreak. I would post a link or instructions but I’m not sure if that’s allowed. Once you get the Playstore app you should be able to them get the DC Universe app. I did it on my Firestick that’s why I originally said it was available on Fire Tv but I remembered I sideloaded the Playstore app so I checked the official list of devices and saw Fire Tv wasn’t supported yet. Hope this helps you be able to use this awesome app on your Fire Tv. If my comments aren’t allowed please let me know all mighty MODS so I don’t make this mistake again! Really would hate getting hit with a ban hammer :hammer: and not be able to use the great forums

can confirm Screen Mirror works for Android, mostly

audio micro stutter if you choose TV to output audio … video micro stutter if you opt for phone audio output

all of which appears to depend on wi-fi speeds, not mobile network, so people with fast home networks can probably do like Alex does at the DEO … palm swipe gigabytes of data to multiple big screens instantly