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Superman shaves by reflecting his heat vision off a piece of the rocket ship he came to Earth in back at his face.

Source: The Man of Steel (1986-) #4.


The Fleischer Superman cartoons are responsible for Superman permanently having the ability to fly. With one exception, Superman had only been able to leap from place to place in the comics (Superman #10 previously showed Superman flying prior to the Fleischer cartoons, but it was an artist and editorial error).

Superman comics were censored by the U.S Government


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Nicholas Cage was paid $20 million for a Tim Burton directed Superman that never got made.

Source: The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made by David Hughes

Cage finally got to play Superman in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Cage also named his son Kal-El after Superman.


Krypton has a sister world called daxim home to daximites similar power set to kryptonians under yellow Sun light but their weakness is lead

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The first time Superman fly was in the first Superman cartoon The Fleischer series.
Source Superman (1940) cartoon episode 1. :slightly_smiling_face:


As a kid the Kent’s use to wrap his Christmas presents in lead foil so he would sneak a peak.

Source: Justice League TAS Season 2 episode 23 “Comfort for Joy”


His favorite food or at least a food he finds is “heaven” is a big ole soft pretzel.

Source: Action Comic #840 and another comic I can’t find. I have the pictures down below.


Red Kryptonite has varied effects on Superman. For instance, it can cause his face to turn colors corresponding to his emotions, which can potentially endanger his secret identity.

Source: Action Comics #317


Fact- Outside Underwear is better than none!!!

Source- all pre New 52 comics

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One thing not mentioned under his live action film appearances is his quick cameo at the end of Shazam (2019). Sure, he didn’t speak, nor did we see his face, but it’s obviously Superman who walks in and sits down next to Freddy.

Under the powers section perhaps you could also make mention of the fact that Superman was once touted as having a new power in Superman #125. After coming in contact with a mysterious alien ship, he loses all powers save for flight and invulnerability before realizing he can shoot rainbows out of his hands. This later develops into being able to create a miniature version of himself from his fingertips. This mini Superman has all the original hero’s powers but in a cute sized version. Original Superman starts to get jealous of the attention the “Super-Imp” receives and soon finds himself plotting to get rid of the little guy. One day he notices a meteor shower headed for Metropolis and somehow knows one contains Kryptonite. He sends his mini self to handle it assuming this will rid him of his problem. However, the tiny Man of Steel manages to deflect the deadly meteor to a remote location where it is found by common thugs who decide to use it to kill Superman. Using a catapult they apparently just had lying around because comics, the criminals launch the Kryptonite at Superman. Rather than just move out of the way of a bowling ball sized projectile moving in a straight line at him, Superman quickly launches his miniature version at the projectile in an attempt to stop it. To his amazement, the tiny Superman rides the Kryptonite meteor toward the ocean and is disintegrated while Superman looks on in amazement. Immediately after this, Superman’s powers return leaving him to wonder if that tiny being had a mind and feelings of its own or was merely an extension of his own will. He resigns that he may never know the truth.


The section about the Electric Blue saga would also be better served by mentioning how that whole storyline was also somewhat of a throwback to Superman #162. The imaginary story where Superman essentially clones himself while also boosting his and his clone’s mental acuity one hundredfold. And, as they remind us, the only difference between them is their costume color. Choosing to call themselves Superman-Red and Superman-Blue because they may have boosted their intelligence but are apparently splitting the creativity 50-50. Together they solve the problems set forth for them by the Kandorians who earlier charged Superman with restoring their city, dealing with all the Kryptonite and stopping all crime and violence. Of course the real problem solved was the love triangle between Lois, Superman and Lana for which everyone wanted a resolution. Superman-Red goes to live with Lois on New Krypton where they have a very happy, normal life without superpowers. Superman-Blue stays on Earth with Lana with whom he has two children both with similar powers to his own.

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By blinking rapidly when he does it, Superman is able to project rapid fire bursts of his heat vision.

Source: Superman Unchained #4 (2013)