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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about Dr. Jonathan Crane is a Gotham City supervillain and a major enemy of Batman. He is an overly-obsessive and deranged ex-professor of psychology who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to use the fears and phobias of his adversaries. He does not commit his crimes for wealth, but rather as a form of “research” to further study the effects of fear on humans (later, he does it to satisfy his own psychopathic desires), making Gothamites his unwilling guinea pigs.

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In The New Batman Adventures, season 1 episode 4, Scarecrow has a toxin that removes one’s ability to feel fear, instead of his usual fear toxin.

In Blackest Night #4, Scarecrow says that he wants to feel the fear that everyone else is feeling but because he used the fear toxin on himself one too many times, he’s immune to fear. Nothing Scares him but Batman.

The Grey panel seems to be the Black Lantern checking Scarecrow’s emotions and seeing that he has none.


In Batman Annual #19, Scarecrow developed a fighting style he called Violent Dancing. It is a combination of Ichabod Crane’s dance moves from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Crane Style Kung Fu.


Ty Templeton came up with an idea to explain the Scarecrow’s revamped look in the New Batman Adventures in the tie-in comics, but he left the book before he had a chance

Basically, my Scarecrow bit was that Crane had been found guilty of a murder and was sentenced to be hanged (by some state that still had hanging on its books as a method of capital punishment, even though, yes, there were not any states left doing that…). During the execution, the rope snapped, and Crane survived. He escaped shortly after the botched attempt, and from that moment forward, wore the noose around his neck as a symbol of his (nutty) belief that he couldn’t be killed.

Years later, DC/IDW crossover Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures created an explanation for the Scarecrow redesign in Batman Adventures that he adopted a new darker look to protect him from alien invaders


He was Dick Graysons first real supervillain.

Source: Batman & Robin Eternal (2015) #1