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Geoff Johns created Miss Martian as a substitute for Supergirl in his Teen Titans lineup, because at the time she was with the Legion of Super-Heroes.



And if you submitted a fun fact for Nightwing last week, you can see if yours was selected here:


I didn’t know that @HCQ good one! I wonder if what other female teen heroes were in the running.


She first appeared in the new 52 as a cameo or Easter egg in Teen Titans #1 (2011). She was on on of the screens while Red Robin is watching Lex Luthor’s alien conference.


Forgot my source was well the comic.
Teen Titans #1 (2011) page 7.


Found another. She was the one who first provided Wonderdog with his green cape.



While Martian’s age at a different rate than humans, Miss Martian must be at least over 30 earth years old, as Hello Megan was broadcast “over the air” from 1979-1980) An “over the air” transmission from earth to mars takes 4-24 minutes. She saw the show when she was on mars. Young Justice debuted in 2010, this means that she had seen the sitcom some 30 earth years earlier.


In the Young Justice animated series, Miss Martian is voiced by Danica McKellar — who viewers may remember as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years.


These are all in regards to the Young Justice version of Miss Martian.

Going along with what @DeSade-acolyte said --> M’gann is 48 earth years old, but because Martians age approximately three times slower than humans, she’s biologically the equivalent of a 16 year old human girl. - Source: Weisman, Greg (2012-10-29). Question #16511. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2012-10-30.

M’gann’s birth family includes Martian Manhunter (maternal uncle), M’comm (brother), sixteen other brothers, twelve sisters, a white martian father, and over 300 cousins. - Sources: Weisman, Greg (2012-05-22). Question #15057. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2012-05-22. and Young Justice (2011-) #6

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Hey, everybody! Time to check in on everyone’s most beloved green superhero starring in a major DC Universe series… Miss Martian, of course!

@HubCityQuestion Oh, that’s a good one! I do love a peek behind the curtain. Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Miss Martian and Supergirl at the same time? Hmm…

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Well spotted, @NYJt3! There were a lot of wild cameos during that first month of the New 52. Even Plastic Man showed up in JLI #1! And we wouldn’t really see him again until METAL.

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@NYJt3 That Wonderdog factoid is pretty radical! But in the future, we’d appreciate something a little more solid for sourcing than a fan wiki.

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@DeSade-acolyte That’s some impressive math for a 3D-er! But then again, who knows if physics work the same way on Earth-16?

Ah, @c02goddess.16092 returns, with her incredible sourcing! If you ever need a job at the Gotham Gazette, I can zap you up a reference.


@HubCityQuestion How deliciously meta! A hero inspired by a 90s TV queen, played by one herself! But don’t forget your sources, muchacho.


No but Ambush Bug did cause DC Loves me!!!


Ooo, I’d love a job at the Gotham Gazette!

Ummm, how often does Joker show up there…?

Geoff Johns named Miss Martian ‘Megan Morse’ after Ben Morse (former editor) and Ben’s girlfriend, Megan. - Source: “The Comic Bloc Forums – View Single Post – Ask Ben Morse”. Archived from the original on 2007-09-27.


I didn’t know that about Plastic Man. Very interesting.
And will do on the more reliable sources. Did find the comic it happened in Teen Titans vol.3 #62.


@c02goddess.16092 Oh, not TOO often. Not as much as The Riddler might to protest an “unfair” crossword puzzle. And your source has been noted!