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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a team of superheroes. The World’s Greatest Super Heroes, this team has endured many roster changes to remain the earth’s premiere team of champions.

Separately, DC Super Heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern are the greatest fighters for truth and justice the world has ever known. Collectively, however, they are a force of nature, leaders of a team of heroes who are only rivaled by the pantheons of gods from ancient mythology. They are the earth’s first line of defense against threats too large for humanity to face alone.

For decades, this team has saved humanity from the worst threats it has ever faced, from alien warlords to ancient demons and powerful sorcerers, to the God of Evil himself, Darkseid. And every time, they have overcome the odds and saved the human race.

Although not the world’s first superhero team, it is nevertheless the standard by which all other superhero teams are measured. Although they have gone through several permutations over the years, and has broken up and gotten back together countless times, when the chips are down and the earth needs its greatest heroes back together on the front lines, they always answer the call to duty.

Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Justice League!

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The late Dwayne McDuffie wrote a number of excellent stories for the Justice League cartoons. His 2007-09 run on their comic book, however, was much less successful. Reading the issues made it obvious McDuffie was stuck steering the plots to wherever DC’s big events and crossovers needed the book to be. McDuffie later confirmed his own plans were repeatedly overruled because of what was happening elsewhere in the DCU.

The most extreme example involved Hawkgirl. She’d been on the team, without Hawkman, when McDuffie took over the book. He had plans for her character arc, then he learned he’d have to put them on hold because Grant Morrison decided to kill her in Final Crisis. McDuffie wrote a mourning scene with Hawkgirl’s ex-boyfriend Arsenal, but after it was illustrated, Geoff Johns overruled Morrison. Hawkgirl had to survive Final Crisis so that Johns could kill her and Hawkman in Blackest Night instead, and McDuffie had to rewrite Arsenal’s dialog accordingly.


Adding on to the previous post and Dwayne McDuffie’s comic run on Justice League, the arc with Anansi was a meta-narrative about his frustrations with editorial working on the book

Meta-Messages - Dwayne McDuffie Explains His Justice League Problems IN the Pages of Justice League!

Yes, Anansi is supposed to be me, and the story arc is about my not having control of the stories in my book. Ironically, both [the Anansi/Vixen] story and the parallel Red Tornado arc were supposed to be smaller B and C plots in a much larger arc (involving Luthor’s plan from my first arc, Starro, and Despero) that I wasn’t able to do because of other plans in the DCU.


In Justice League of America: Rebirth (2017-) #1, Batman made his own “Justice League” to combat Amanda Waller’s “Justice League of America”. It had Lobo in it!

According to Michaeul Eury’s The Justice League Companion, Schwartz reintroduced the Justice Society as the Justice League because he was influenced by sports groups such as the “National Football League”.


adding on, same source as my previous fact, fact #4 states:

" A lot of the shine of the Silver Age came from editor Julius Schwartz and the talents under him (including Fox, Carmine Infantino, John Broome, and Murphy Anderson). They developed successful new versions of Golden Age heroes such as Hawkman, Green Lantern, and Flash, completely reinventing the characters but keeping the names. A new version of the Golden Age Justice Society of America was a logical next step, but this time, the name did change.

To me ‘society’ meant something you found on Park Avenue ,” Schwartz said in The Amazing World of DC Comics #14. “ I felt that ‘league’ was a stronger word, one that readers could identify with because of baseball leagues. ” After beating the Appellaxians in the origin story, the heroes discuss forming “ a club or society ” before Flash sums up their mission statement as forming “ a league against evil! ” Justice League that it’s been ever since. (The “of America” bit has come and gone.) Though, as the Justice Society would later succeed in its own series, apparently readers weren’t bothered by the name as much as Schwartz."


The Justice League have a Cafe in the Hall of Justice were the chef is The Minotaur friend of Wonder Woman Ferdinand.


Source: Justice League (2018) #9


So, there was a future Justice League called “Justice League Unlimited” in the Batman Beyond episode “The Call”.
It’s different from the Justice League in the show Justice League Unlimited, which was just called “Justice League”.

However, both versions take place on Earth 12. Pictured below is the future version:

(Source: The Multiversity: Guidebook (2015–) #1, page 34/71)

Metamorpho was the first superhero to deny an invitation to the Justice League. The main villain of the issue, the Unimaginable, wanted to take his place in the same issue

Metamorpho did consent to being a backup member:

(Source: Justice League of America (1960–) #42)

The Justice League “peaked” when it moved its base to a space satellite “22,300 miles above the Earth”. This period was known as the “Satellite Years”.
(Source: Flashback: 22,300 Miles Above Earth A Look Back at the JLA’s “Satellite Years”)


The Atom attended JLA meetings in a flying chair.

Justice League of America #14


The Justice League discovered crimes using “snail mail” before the aforementioned Satellite Years.
For example, in Justice League of America (1960–) #6

At the end of the Legends miniseries, Ted Kord came up with the name “Justice League”.


The Justice League has been defeated by Doomsday in the comics and animated movies. :eyes:

Sources: Justice League America (1987-) #69, Superman (1986-) #74, The Death of Superman (2018).


Despite fighting with the JLA, Hitman was never in the JSA.