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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who has appeared as both a supervillain in the Golden Age and has been portrayed by two women as a superhero in the Bronze Age and then in post-Crisis, originally a member of the JSA, she now is a member of the JLA and, most notably, the Birds of Prey, a character caught between her rage and being a superhero, she represents the darker shades of grey in Gotham…of course we can only be talking about Huntress!

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The Bronze Age Huntress was created by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, and Bob Layton in DC Super-Stars #17. Her secret identity is Helena Wayne and she is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle of Earth-2 (pre-crisis).

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13th Dimension Website and Solicitations.


She is multilingual speaking both English and Italian.

Source: Helena Bertinelli (New Earth) | DC Database | Fandom

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She was trained by Richard Dragon in Cry For Blood. Issue #3. Source Batman/Huntess:Cry for Blood Vol 1 #3.

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She briefly became Batgirl after the events of The Killing Joke paralyzed Barbara Gordon. Source-The Killing Joke Author Alan Moore, Artist Brian Bolland, Illustrators Brian Bolland, & John Higgins. Due to these events (Barbara Gordon being paralyzed) she later takes the mantle of Batgirl in Shadow of the Bat #83 thru Legends of the Dark Knight #120. A No Man’s Land tie-in issue.

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She bought an entire apartment building & had it booby trapped along with fake audio recordings playing in empty rooms. To give the appearance other attendants lived there. Source Huntress 1994- 4 issue mini-series starting with page #9.

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Paula Brooks was the first character to take up the Huntress mantle in the DC Universe.

Source: Sensations Comics #68 (1947)

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The Helena Bertinelli version of the Huntress was originally from New York, not Gotham. Source: The Huntress (1989-) #1.


Huntress does three hundred sit-ups a day. Source: Birds of Prey (1999-) #56


Hopefully Damian gets a little sister soon.

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I don’t recall that being in The Killing Joke.


Do you have an issue number?

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The Huntress 1994 four issue mini-series. Starting with issue #1 page #9. Sorry, I did all mine from memory. Not a brag, it was a mistake cuz I was wrong lol. It’s not Volume #1 it’s the 4 issue 1994 mini-series as mentioned above.

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Sorry Shadow of the Bat #83 thru legends of the Dark Knight #120. For Batgirl. No Man’s Land tie-in. I meant b/c of the events in killing joke paralyzing Barbara Gordon.

I edited the above ones. I hope that’s ok. Thank u for the heads up @HubCityQuestion.

I appreciate the breakdown, but for future reference creators and first appearance data, while useful, isn’t the kind of “fun” we’re looking for in “fun facts.”

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