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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who is a winged vigilante who fights crime using a flight harness made from Nth metal and a mace. There have been several different versions of the character, along with love interests and partners such as Hawkgirl. His secret identity is Carter Hall, an archaeologist and museum curator who lives out his destiny as a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu using magic weaponry. Katar Hol is another version who appeared during the Silver Age, an alien policeman from the planet Thanagar with access to advanced technology.

Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Hawkman!

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He didn’t always fight with a mace. In Showcase’s Hawkman: 500 Pages of Comics, he and Shayera would fight with whatever weapon was necessary that he could find that was usually at his museum.

He first used one in Flash Comics (1940) No. 8. But he only used them semi-regularly throughout the Golden Age.


Hawkman was in the Death of Superman film.


Hey, Clonegeek! Cameos are notable, but not what we’re looking for in the fun facts section.




-Grant Morrison originally intended character Zauriel to appear under the name Hawkman but he wasn’t allowed to


Zauriel started out as an attempt by Mark Millar and I to create a completely new and updated Hawkman. Instead of the science-fiction origin of Katar Hol, we gave him a heavenly background to explain the wings and the crusading. He was originally intended to appear in the JLA under the name Hawkman, and I imagined a sense-strangling battle of the Hawkmen between Zauriel and Katar Hol at some point down the line. The Hawkman name was seen as a biohazard after the numerous continuity maulings the character had sustained. We were asked to retain the angel concept and simply call him Zauriel. I felt it took away the mythic power of the name Hawkman from the team, but I grew to like Zauriel when, as you say, I decided to write him as DC’s Thor but with a Judeo-Christian/Muslim background to replace the halls of Asgard, et cetera.

-Hawkman is “worthy” since he used the hammer of Thor for an adventure on the island of Krakatao!

All-Star Comics #3

-According to writer Tony Isabella in the The Shadow War of Hawkman #2 Letter Column, Thanagarians live 3x as long as humans.


Obviously all the information about Hawkgirl’s past lives apply to Hawkman, with past incarnations of him being the DC heroes Silent Knight and Nighthawk. And the heavily implied information that Silent Knight (and therefore Hawkman) is an ancestor of Pa Kent and therefore an adoptive ancestor of Superman.

I can repost the sources if necessary.

In addition, he has a notable rivalry with Green Arrow based largely on their political values. This was more a case of the Silver Age but has been seen in comics like Identity Crisis.


Ummmm, I doubt this is the kind of trivia you’re looking for, but he was in a rather insulting Baby Ruth commercial:


He has an uncanny ability to get out of treacherous situations.



Hawkman and Dr. Fate two heroes with Egyptian origins were charter members of the JSA. All star comics 3


He once gave the Villain acquaintance The Shade a cane as a momento if there adventure together.

Source: Hawkman (2018) #16


In Superman/Batman #4, Hawkman defeats Superman by hitting him with the Claw of Horus which simulates the gravity of Earth. He basically hits him with the force of the planet which knocks him out.


Carter Hall (Golden Age Hawkman) has a godson Norda Cantrell (Northwind), who was a founding member of Infinity, Inc., along with Carter’s own son, Hector (Silver Scarab).

Carter was a friend of Northwind’s father, a human scientist who lived among the bird people of Feithera (a hidden city in Greenland).

Northwind’s origin is told in Infinity, Inc. issues #4 (which reprints the Golden Age Feithera story from Flash Comics #71) and #37.





Hawkman was use for a campy version of promoting Baby Ruth in a 1997 commercial. :grinning:



I had the Hawkman Super Powers figure as a lad, so that was my first introduction to the character. Zero Hour really opened me up the rest of his adorably conflicting legacies. For some reason him being a complete arse in the Arrowverse was completely on brand. My favorite stories with the Man Who Looks Like a Hawk though is by far the Rann-Thanagar war.

Classic Hawkman.

That being said however the Hawkman fact that I am submitting is his aforementioned role in the Arrowverse. He was a git of the highest order and I am don’t bother saying that I was relieved when he died.