The Walgreen's exclusive DC Multiverse Bizarro action figure is out.

New Bizarro am not here! This figure was said to have a street date somewhere around February 20th (I’ve not seen a reason why) but the latest plastic iteration of Bizarro World’s favorite son has made the scene early in a number of places and he’s pretty fly for a plastic gray guy.

Ol’ El-Kal comes with the following accessories:

-removable cloth red cape that is remniscent of the cloth capes from the Kenner/Hasbro era. Nicely done and of course the s-shield on it is backwards, which is a nice touch.

-a suit coat, minus the arm portions. For everyday casual wear at the Planet Daily. This is a nifty accessory. Very easy to put on and take off.

-two interchangeable hands. He comes packaged with fist hands, and these can be swapped out for flight poses. Or if Biz feels like doing an Austin Powers style “Judo chop!”, these will help in that endeavor.

-Bizarro no. 1 medallion. It’s always good to wear things that help you feel better about yourself, yeah? I bet the O’Doyles from Billy Madison had closets full of “O’Doyle Rules!” shirts and such.

-a purple tie. This can be switched out with the medallion. Or if Bizarro is really dressing to impress, he can wear that and the tie!

-removable glasses. To complete the impenetrable disguise that draws people’s attention away from Bizarro’s trainwreck grammar, disheveled hair, front and back backwards s-shields, etc.

The articulation is swell. He uses the newer male Multiverse body.

Bizarro is also purposely packaged backwards. When you see him, don’t worry. There’s no idiotic figure swapping going on, he comes that way by design.

Overall, a very fun figure and worth picking up. I’m glad he’s a Walgreen’s exclusive as those are easy to find and this guy deserves to be bought by many, cuz he am good!


always happy to see a positive story about collecting

sorry to drag, but my experience with Walgreens is the opposite: damage, scarcity and scalping, even the store itself cancelling pre-orders (all-white Boba Fett and Funko Pop Ms. Marvel)

still, good to know you got a nice one

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manifest, I’m sorry to hear about your Walgreens experience. I didn’t know Walgreens did pre-orders. The good thing about them is they have stores all over, so you can typically bounce around to many others if one is unsuitable for any reason.

Are you planning on picking up this Bizarro figure?

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My walgreens has 3 of them. Imma pick one. Hopefully they let me check out with it.

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I didn’t have any issues last night. I bought two and they just beeped their merry way through.

Curious to hear your thoughts on Biz when you snag him.

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I haven’t found him yet.

Does Walgreens have an online inventory checker?

@Jewell-El, not that I’m aware of. You can do the standard product search on their site but that’s as far as it goes.