The Twilight Knight

I really feel strongly that this is going to be the first new Batman movie I just cannot see on opening night. Even if rotten tomatoes declares Matt Reeves the Batman a masterpiece and even if Robert Pattinson wins the best actor Oscar, there will be no pre-sale tickets in anticipation. He is just getting his career back on track and you want him to bet it all on Batman? WB didn’t even call Armie Hammer. Did Wes Bentley and Ryan gosling pass?? This is seriously the worst casting I have ever seen. I guess the Aladdin and sonic teams bombing their movies in advance wasn’t enough of a warning here.

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It does seem REALLY weird. I don’t know what was going through their heads when they made that call. But we haven’t seen it yet, so he may be absolutely fantastic as Batman. I’ll definitely give it a chance.

I realize other Batman‘s and jokers were successfully casted even though fans had their doubts. But in this case there is no way even with a good preview that I could possibly buy a pre-sale ticket. Rotten tomatoes is going to have to declare this a masterpiece and I’m going to have to spend the next two years not being able to defend the coolness of Batman with the twilight Knight. Thanks a lot WB you can say goodbye to your pre-sales. I don’t blame DC when these things happen. Batman is just controlled by a movie company that is unable to learn from their mistakes.

It’s genuinely the same thing. Keaton was known as mr mom. Ledger played a homosexual cowboy, and they still were seen as cool when the movie released

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Completely discrediting a guy because he appeared in a (very successful) franchise that you may not be a fan of a decade ago is kind of silly.