The Superman Thread

I just finished the Power Girl Special and I really enjoyed it! Leah Williams brought this leg of Paige’s journey to a satisfying conclusion by forcing her to confront what’s been holding her back. However, between this series and The New Golden Age, I’ve had a lot of confusion regarding Peej’s continuity and which version of PG we’re actually dealing with (Pre-Crisis or New 52). This issue didn’t do much to settle that and even created a new continuity question or two. Let me dive into the story, though:

The two stars of this story are Power Girl and Johnny Sorrow. At one point, Johnny tells Paige that they are “the same.” That’s not exactly accurate, but they do share a similar trauma centered around loss. Paige has lost two worlds: Krypton and Earth-2. In a sense, Johnny has also lost two worlds: The world of film and… Earth-2? This is where the new continuity question arises as Sorrow suggests that he also originated on Earth-2. I don’t believe that was something that had been established in the Pre-Flashpoint JSA comic. It’s not impossible that Johnny did come from the Pre-Crisis Earth-2, but it’s not a claim that I’ve run across before. Now, there was a Johnny Sorrow on the New 52’s Earth-2, but that Sorrow seemed a bit different than this one who is obviously based off the Johnny from Johns’ Pre-Flashpoint JSA comic. Johnny suggesting that he was from an Earth-2 essentially furthers my confusion regarding Power Girl’s continuity and which Earth-2 she’s from, but I think that may just be something that never quite gets resolved. Regardless, if Johnny was from an Earth-2 then he’s correct that they share the trauma of “losing two worlds.”

However, Johnny and Paige are not the same as that trauma affects them in different ways and they go in opposite directions when choosing how to deal with it. For Sorrow, it drives him to feel like he needs to belong. He desperately wants to feel a part of something and to be embraced in the lives of others. Johnny chooses to pursue this goal in a predatory manner. There’s this great moment where Power Girl is flying to the Kent apartment and she stops to reflect on how the body of a grown woman is seen as an open invitation to others. It feels a bit random at first, but the reason she’s having this thought is because Sorrow is “accepting the invitation.” He has seen Paige’s trauma, has noticed her beauty, and decided that she is his. Rather than bonding with her over their shared pain, he’s going to use the hurt inside her to try and manipulate this beautiful woman into being his. This is how Johnny works. He uses his own pain as a way of identifying the vulnerabilities in others and exploiting them for his own ends. He’s an emotional predator. Peej points out that he tried the same thing with Stargirl (a moment that answered one continuity question while, perhaps, creating others).

In contrast, Power Girl’s pain has caused her to isolate herself from others for fear of suffering that loss again. This has been what’s driving the conflicts she’s had with the “Super Family” throughout the series. This is why she’s been so rude to them and has been pushing them away for seemingly no reason. Paige doesn’t want to get too close to them because she believes herself to be cursed and that if they get too close then she will just lose them like she lost Krypton and Earth-2. I mean, we could kind of see that throughout the series, but this issue confirmed it and drove it home with her memories of Krypton and the “appearance” of Kal-L (more continuity confusion!). However, Paige has a literal and figurative breakthrough when she decides to tear down the emotional wall she’s built to keep others out. This leads her to discover the true strength of her astral-punch ability that allows her to defeat Sorrow’s horsemen and inevitably take him down. Essentially, Power Girl’s decision to let others in and move on from her trauma made her immune to Sorrow’s manipulation and gave her the emotional tools to defeat him.

It was a well-told story of pain, manipulation, and triumph through growth. I’ve been impressed with Leah Williams and her ability to craft these stories. In particular, the Johnny Sorrow “cologne commercial” intro was artfully done and gave early insight into Johnny’s M.O. as he uses this romantic, masculine imagery to explain his ultimate goal. I’m not always sold on Marguerite Sauvage’s artwork as her action sequences can be a tad awkward. However, her art is wonderfully emotive and that does ad to the drama. I was greatly satisfied by this conclusion.

Moving on to the Fire & Ice back-up, it was fun. It was a frame-setting story and was a bit clunky in how it set up its premise. I’m not exactly convinced that one sloppy mission was enough to convince them to move to Smallville, but, hey, it gets them there. I do believe that Supes would suggest it as it seems to be what he always recommends to heroes who need to find themselves. It was fun getting to see Ice interact with Guy and to be reminded of her crush on Superman. I look forward to actually seeing them in Smallville especially since we see L-Ron’s arm poking out the back of their luggage.


Wondering why it’s not also on MAX. :thinking:

I haven’t had cable in twelve years. I hate to miss it.


I suspect it will run on Adult Swim and get repeated; if you have a Roku, that was a way I often caught some Adult Swim and CN content without having cable. And you should be able to find episodes on YouTube, in the same way that’s how a lot of people discovered DC Super Hero Girls and Justice League Action, without cable. Plus finding it elsewhere, and it will also cycle to HBO Max - sooner rather than later - as well, in the way that Rick and Morty and Superman and Lois do after they run on Adult Swim and The CW respectively, and other such WB produced content.


I’m going to wait for it to come out on amazon then buy it or get it on dvd


Episodes of My Adventures With Superman run on Max the next day! Love this promo art!


Yep, great promo art. I also enjoyed the new trailer, although hearing Jack Quaid more and more (and I do think he’s a good VA - I’ve never seen The Boys and although I saw all the Hunger Games movies on DVD, I’ve no idea whom he played but that’s true of a lot of those kids that got used as canon-fodder, so I can’t comment on his live action acting), I’m not fond - even as a young Superman - on his voice work here. Dean Cain, after all, played an essentially somewhat fresh out of college (even if he and Teri were and looked both older than say 24/25 at the time), but thinking of Darren Criss in the Man of Tomorrow movie, or Tom Welling from high school to his Metropolis/Daily Planet days on Smallville, it just doesn’t land quite right for me, personally.

It’s also strange to see a decently large handful of folk on-line fixate on Lois’s design and, apparently, some Owl House character, or simply fixate on what they are calling the ‘anime’ design of the animation on display in the trailer. I mean they might as well be complaining that the S-TAS animation was similar but not identical to the B-TAS animation, or that Young Justice wasn’t similar by identical to the DCAU television shows.


Action #1055 was okay! The main story felt like the set-up to the finale of its current arc as Superman tracks down the Cyborg Superman alongside Superboy, Steel, and The Eradicator… wait… just wait… we’re reliving the end of “Reign of the Supermen,” aren’t we? …Sigh… fine. In all seriousness, it makes sense that Kal would bring Conner and John Henry with him as they have the most experience fighting Henshaw and they needed the Eradicator to track him down. I will say that, if he’s going to keep popping up, they may need to revisit/rework Eradicator’s origin. The original made sense in the context of Byrne’s version of Krypton that was dark, cynical and a bit menacing. It doesn’t work as well with the more recent versions of Krypton. Something to consider. I liked that we got the full backstory to Metallo and his family. Corben’s decision to become Metallo makes more sense in the context of what happened with his father. He used a weapon to protect his sister from someone more powerful than them and, later in life, decides to become a weapon to do the same. This has been a strong Metallo story. I liked how they took the time to explain Henshaw’s appearance in Dark Crisis, but, honestly, it was a continuity problem I didn’t even notice in real-time… This was a fine set-up, but I think I’m ready for this story’s conclusion.

In Lois & Clark 2, I’m still really enjoying the art of Lee Weeks. I like how he depicted the planet P’luhnn.

I’m still not convinced by these Steelworks back-ups. The first one, I felt was a standard superhero introduction piece. This one was a tech demo. I kind of enjoyed the Nat/Conner interaction in the beginning except for when Con made the “hammer time” reference (Action is really starting to become the 90’s nostalgia book of the group). I also like the philosophy behind Steelworks as a company: The needs of the people over profit. However, the story itself was an awful lot of tech specs and descriptions. That’s the easiest way for a story to get me to tune out. I just don’t have the brain for it and that’s probably why becoming an engineer was never in the cards for Moth. Anyway, I support the main thrust of the book, but neither story has really hooked me.


New :superman:uper-hotness for the week of June 6th:


Jon Bogdanove

Sami Basri

Joshua “Sway” Swaby

Ariel Colon (1:25)

Helene Lenoble (1:50)

SN: @millernumber1 Steelworks #1 does indeed, as you had hoped, reference Superwoman.

More new :superman:chtuff!


Zu Orso

Al Barrionuevo

Stephen Byrne

Tyler Kirkham

Foil edition of the main cover, by Clayton Henry.

New to Ultra this week:

Finally, this was a new release from last week:

If things hold as planned, Steel: A Celebration of 30 Years will be available on DCUI for Ultra members at the end of this month.

What’s your :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :superman:uper-pick for this week?


Awesome news! Hooray!


I’ve been catching up with older titles over the last few months, and have just now started a series that’s been on my “To read…someday.” list for years and years, now.

I give you the first issue of…S.T.A.R. Corps:

Has anyone else read this mini-series?

So far, its proven to be a fun read and I look forward to finishing the whole shebang as time allows.


Love this cover! Fed ex messed up my LCS’ DC shipment, though, so I have to wait a week for Steelworks.

I’ve never read it, but I know I’ve seen it in dollar bins before. I also have vague memories of them building up to a STAR team in the Superman comics of the period.


Likewise. If I was still buying variants, I would definitely yoink that one.

As Clayton Forrester once said, “Oh, poopy!” I’m sorry to hear that.

FedEx, why you gotta be that way?

In the meantime, there’s always digital (beats waiting a week).

Also, you could be sneaky and tuck into a competing comic store, in the hopes they’ll have the mag on-shelf.

Again, beats waiting until next week.


While I got the whole shebang as part of last year’s Christmas haul (or was it part of this year’s birthday loot? :thinking:), I had seen S.T.A.R. Corps many a time in dollar bins, years prior.


I have. It’s been a long time since I read it though.


Those Reader Incentives of John Henry are the best ones, whereas the Byrne and Kirkham are the ones that move me with the Adventures of Superman - Jon Kent, whereas with Son of Kal-El, I generally approved/liked/enjoyed almost all the covers.

I’m still making my way through Bendis’ Young Justice run and the relevant comment here is that an Earth Three team made up of Teen Titans or Young Justice members is actually an interesting idea that a more competent writer should work on. What Bendis did was a bit too cartoony, but if someone wanted to build on the themes that Cereal Lord introduced for Conner, pre-Flashpoint on the 2009 Adventure Comics run (collected as Boy of Steel, which is how I read it, but available on DCUI here:

And tie-it in with how Earth Three even ended up with a Conner Kent type Superboy, given the actual current or even traditional roles for UltraMan and Lex Luthor on that Earth, but of course, Bendis spent no energy or creativity exploring anything like that - and a competent writer could easily make an interesting arc with these ideas.

We got a little bit of it that with Non-Kon (Match) and that Suicide Squad Earth-3 cross-over in 2021, but that ended up spending more energy on Waller and the battle of wits of the various squad members against her and her machinations than anything else.

The covers, as far as “Super Family” content go were the far more interesting thing in that mini-arc.

I’ve blurred the minor albeit slightly pertinent plot points I mentioned from the story-lines and arcs for anyone who has yet to read these issues, but I believe all of this is on DCUI?


I have now read Steelworks, and it was pretty decent - very nice art, as expected from my dude Sami Basri - and I liked the Lana stuff! Hope for more, of course! Steel is the great dude I love.


Just a guy from Kansas…


The Steel 30th anniversary cover is awesome. I’m definitely interested in seeing it on here! I’ve enjoyed most of the celebration collections in this format, so I’m glad they’re continuing. (Although, I’m not sure how/when they decide who gets one. Supergirl and Hawkman got nothing, while some Green Lanterns got two? Most seem to be on 50th/75th anniversaries, but not all?)


Same. I’ve been digging the Celebration-branded books since the collection began what, a decade ago, now?

The Spirit book in particular was among my favorites of the lot.

With next year being Supergirl’s 65th anniversary, I’m hoping DC will put together a Celebration-branded collection for her, especially since, as you said, she got bupkis for her last anniversary.


Hello Superman peeps –

Just passing this along - I’ve seen nothing about this until receiving an email this morning telling me I could purchase this a day in advance. As I understand it – Superman the Movie (1978) in high def, plus a sort of digital world to explore with special features – but you don’t get to keep it.

The $30 version only lasts for 1 week and the $100 version for only 24 hours. :scream_cat: What do we think about this? Yay/Nay? I honestly have trouble understanding this NFT business.

There’s a trailer on the official website which does a good job at explaining what the digital world looks like, but isn’t labeled very well: Eluvio: The Content Blockchain

Is this the future of entertainment? :woman_shrugging:

edited to add: I overlooked to mention that you get an NFT for buying these, if it sways your opinion. They are marketing it as a movie experience, but I suppose the NFT is the souvenir you’re left with at the end.


Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #4 was a nice chapter of the Injustice story. A lot that I enjoyed here. First, Harley was hilarious: “Oh… it’s a body. I’ve been given those before. No matter how nicely they’re wrapped, they’re always disappointing.” Jon’s multiple call-outs of Bruce were also awesome. Jon’s fight with the Insurgency leading to the emergence of his blue lightning powers was well done. The Damian-Jon interaction used their shared history effectively. What I liked best, though, was how torn Jon was in deciding what to do with Earth-Injustice. He can see both sides and has empathy for the doubles of those he loves. It acknowledges the complexity of the situation before him. A good, little transition chapter as we build to what will probably be a big finale.