The Road to DC Unlimited: Breaking Down DC's Search Features (with feedback) and comparing them to Marvel Unlimited

Hey, didn’t expect to be making this post but here we are. DC has released their new but not full search features for comics.

  1. I’m going to break them down and show some of the things I figured out
  2. Compare them to Marvel Unlimited
  3. Give my overall thoughts on them

Part 1 : break down

This is a breakdown of every feature.

  1. Get to know: You can look at the list of characters being featured in films and TV and get the following essential stuff about them: Comic Series, Individual Comics, TV episodes, Movies, and Encyclopedia entries about that character. Right now there are 5 different get to know options: Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Batman, Superman, and Shazam. These series don’t include everything about the characters just some of the key things.

  2. Storylines: You can get the collection for classic storylines. Though not every collection is on here, a couple of key events are including Dark Nights Metal, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Last Son, Batman: Year one, and Flashpoint.

  3. Showcase: These are your more off brand collections like the Madhouse collections, Creator Spotlights, and stuff like Badass Ladies.

  4. Series: This is your standard here’s all the series we have. However DC has done an incredible job and has begun sorting the series by era, characters, writer, and artist.
    The eras are: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Modern Age, and New 52. I am still waiting for Rebirth
    to join the era’s list.

These features are even cooler together. You can pair them up. Want a Modern Age Morrison series? Here’s 5 of them. Want a Bronze Age Tom King Story? doesn’t exist. Want a Bronze Age series with Superman, Robin, Flash, and Cyborg drawn by Jack Kirby? Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is here!! (Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know…)

Part 2: Versus MU.
MU’s features include: Every Event, Every Series, Sort by Year, Every Creator (Artist and Writer), and Every Character. There’s no combination abilities, collection sorting.

Marvel has
Search by Date Range or filter by year. Only gives single issues.
Search by Event. not complete
A full Creators section: Versus the 8 in DCU
A just a letter slider
and A bigger array of selections but not filters

DCU has
Accumulation of searches
Series by era
Series by Character (Not just single issues)
Collection Searching (Sortof)

Part 3 : My Thoughts

Thank you DCU for adding stuff like this!! I really appreciate it! I love being able to search by era especially as the line between Silver, Gold, Bronze, and Modern is somewhat murky. I look forward to seeing more robust search abilites. Also it seems DCU will be committed to giving us more options not less as they continue with the DC Unlimited Update and beyond (Applejack if your reading this, do you hate the name C Unlimited Update. If so, what would you prefer I call it). The weird absence of the rebirth era is a little jaunting and if I want Silver Age Action Comics I can’t get the silver age one. I would love to eventually have Action Comics split by Era. Into Action comics Gold, Action Comics Silver, etc. I loved the little pictures for each era which I do feel defined the era quite nicely. (Except maybe the Modern Era which I’m pretty sure Applejack just wanted…) The character set is nicely done but it would be nice to have a characters section which breaks into families. Like click Characters–> Bat Family --> Villains --> Joker But it’s a great start!!!

With Creators, I think breaking them down by era could help. Part of the problem is its streamlined now but as the features get more robust it will get harder not easier to keep it easy and streamlined.

On behalf of the fans of DCU, Thank you for making an effort to streamline finding comics and I look forward to seeing what else you guys decide on!

The Road to DC Unlimited is my current writing series which is designed to tell the story of DC Universe reaching DC Unlimited as well as how fans can prepare for DC Unlimited. You can read my last post here

I’m also reading through DC Rebirth’s big events here:

-Nathan.Payson Your friendly neighborhood reporter!!

Disclaimer Everything I talked about is subject to change and Feedback is why DC gave us the Classics to start with. It’s a stress test. Also as of this time the filters are only available on Internet Browsers. No mobile update yet!


I really hope DC does a better job than Marvel Unlimited in setting up their search. Right now the Marvel Unlimited search features are all woefully incomplete. A character search for Thanos (probably Marvel’s most popular villain at the moment) doesn’t even bring up his first appearance.

I hope so too. It is a lot of work though

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Apparently the app update is on Apple now!

I saw. Figures we android users have to wait… :slight_smile:

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At least the last big update was android first. (The stream vs. download)


Update All 60 storylines DC has published are in the search engine now. Please Note some collections are not complete

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Update: Get To know is now at 30 titles.

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Thanks for the info. Android user here, so pumped for the update.

I would think Rebirth isnt listed as an era because it’s still part of the New 52 universe.

I am an Android phone user and has update since yesterday.

I didnt get it automatically. I had to go to Google store and to app to get update.

Changed a lot aince yesterday

Sort titles by year still no good. Oldest much better than newest

No rebirth, but newest series in showcase.

32 characters in get to know. Some just Movie and TV. Sometimes best intro issues there Mera, Swamp Thing. Some not Aquaman, Doom Patrol

Morrison does not include JLA.

Dont know enough about Geoff Johns to say complete

Alan Moore and Peter David should be listed as well

Beast Boy emphasises Doom Patrol, and does not include New Teen Titans. Says new justice comic instead.

Red Hood is listed as X in tv team titans.

Morrison JLA in story lines.

As is Morrison Dopm Patrol


Johns Aquaman

Well, I still havent gotten it…

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The Android update is here!
With a rebirth era