The Reflection Of A Hero

I know this is kind of an odd topic. And yes, I have posted something like this before but this thought/topic comes for a discussion at work today. A Supervisor/friend and I were communicating about how to work with other people. He made a comment that we work with Batmen and Supermen. And I really thought deep about this- We look at both as if they have brute strength, one has all sorts of gadgets while the other one has special powers. But what are the real differences? And with that, I thought well, Superman actually teaches us to be kind to each other, now what a thought, kindness a superpower? Batman is someone who always wants things his way and no matter what he is gonna get things done his way. If you think deeper, spite the values they stand for, you come to some odd conclusions, what are your thoughts? This is not just a minute response or 2 second answer but really think about it, what kind of “Hero” are we to society?


Batman puts heavy emphasis on training others and joining teams. Clark needs his solitude time away from it all.

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Superman’s greatest super-power is his compassion. He’s a good man with a good heart who wants to use his gifts to help those in need. He has no agenda and doesn’t greet each day as a challenge. When written correctly, Superman lives in the moment. For all his amazing powers and abilities, Superman–no actually Clark–fully understands the tenuous nature of life. His heroic actions and deeds are performed in the service of protecting all life at all times. At his core, his motivations are the simplest of all super-heroes.
Batman, on the other hand, has perplexed me for over 50 years. Obviously, he is complex and driven and wages a war he truly knows he can never win. And he too is a good man, but unfortunately, he doesn’t know it. He’s more of the “star crossed” tragic man who, for all his heroic efforts and good intentions, will be fated to live out the remainder of his days in obsessive anguish.
Praised and feared, empathetic and driven–different almost beyond measure–and yet Superman and The Batman are true heroes because they aspire to the same goal.
If you’re asking @b.batson how can we be heroes in this modern world, then I guess Clark and Bruce have given us a road map to that path: We accept our differences and limitations and use them to build a foundation of commonality and trust. I guess what it all boils down to is our humanity makes us heroic.
Thanks for the thought-provoking topic.

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