The Question!

This is the only unarticulated figurine, to my knowledge, that has ever been made of The Question. From Eaglemoss, circa 2006. My favorite piece of DC memorabilia I own.

If DC ever decides to make another Question figurine or statue, I’ll line up to buy it.




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I’m so with u. I’ve wanted a good Question figure forever. There’s a good one, but price won’t come down. The DC Classics Series 11. Been at $60 forever & wont budge. The JLU 3pck he’s in is a 4” & it’s $50. Plus I already have a ton of mini flashes & WW’s from that collection to get other figures I wanted. The infinite crisis one is $45 & 4”. I like the 6” figs. I do own quite a few of the JLU 4” figs & I like them. Got em b/c most were only options on the figs I wanted. Others came in the 3 or 6 pcks with em. I want a 6” Question tho, & like I said, he won’t budge from $60.