The Overall Theme Of TITANS Season 1

After watching the latest episode with Hank & Dawn I’m really enjoying how the big overarching theme of this season has been trauma and how some people cope with it. It doesn’t pull punches in portraying causes of it like murders and even pedophilia which isn’t something aggressively touched on in pop culture because of how heinous it is. You get to see what happens in the wake of these tragedies too in a way that feels natural and human. You see characters like Hank turn to violence and drugs and the same is applicable to Dick. I feel like a lot of shows don’t fully go out there when tackling themes like this. Even the Marvel Netflix shows as good as they were at being dark and gritty approached themes like that in a conservative way that they realistically didn’t need to and shouldn’t have.



What I like about this show is how every episode matters.

All our heroes are damaged, abandoned, orphans.

The violence is unrelenting and heart breaking.

Yet, the show holds out hope for healing, by being with other people, talking, finding alternatives.

It is not just about releasing anger with further violence.

2nd point

Geoff Johns hinted on DC Daily, last Thursday, that all the heroes were to be on the final episode.

Further Evidence: The recap at the beginning of the show.

This episode concerns Hawk and Dove, so of course the recap contains them.

The main characters are there at well.

One character is in the recap, who is not needed in this episode.

Then the last lines of the show indicates why the character is mentioned in the recap.


Well said. Both of you


That’s a really good interpretation of the show. I think for the subtle differences in characterization, Titans is very true to the overarching theme in DC Comics in general. That you can overcome trauma and hate by opening up to those around you and trying to be better. Geoff Johns really got the message down for this show and I can’t wait to see how the first season finishes.


It makes me excited to see how it’ll handle other themes in later seasons like homosexuality if they introduce characters like Bunker. They certainly have the right idea in how to approach them in a way that’s unquestionably feasible and the most DC way possible.


They’re not afraid to embrace these themes either and in some capacity spread some awareness about serious issues. That’s the one thing I’ve praised DC for always doing.


There’s a ton of abuse sexual, physical etc. in DC comics. I love this show for a million reasons, but since this thread is about that, I love how they don’t shy away from it at all. DC has a ton of characters with that kind of background & shows in the past have buried that part of their stories. It makes for a better show when u include their entire background in it & not just cherry pick the happy parts. It makes for a more robust all encompassing viewpoint from the characters perspective.


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