The Other "Lost" Justice League Movie

Since Justice League came out a year and a half ago, everyone’s been talking about the Snyder cut. Snyder cut this and Snyder cut that. And hey, I wanna see it too, whether it’s real or not (Snyder did have stuff planned out that could be put into an animated movie or something, but that’s a discussion for another thread). But there’s another Justice League movie that we never got to see, one that was lost in the barren deserts of development hell until it was officially cancelled. This movie, Justice League Mortal, had a script written, had a cast and had a director picked out. Sadly, it was cancelled due to the 2007 Writer’s Guild Strike. But given that a script was written, could it be possible for it to come back as an animated movie? Maybe even with some of the cast that had been picked out? What do you think?


It’s director, George Miller, also has animation experience. He could totally direct an awesome animated film. Although, I’d still like to see him make a live-action Justice League. The man did make Mad Max: Fury Road. He is an action movie god!

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Live action would be even better! Honestly, though, from everything I’ve heard about the story, I’m interested in seeing it portrayed in any fashion, even if it’s adapted into a comic. I’d say the same for other “lost” DC movies like JJ Abrams’ Superman: Flyby.

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That would be a cool idea.

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I was absolutely all for this movie as details about it were being released in '07.

For whatever reason, alot of people were really against it. Beats me as to why.

George Miller on a Justice League movie is something everyone should be excited for. He knows how to make great movies, especially those in the action vein.

WB ought to let him make as frenetic and adrenaline pumping JL movie as he wants, should the opportunity arise.

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I think people were against it, because in 2007 George Miller wasn’t remembered for the mad Max franchise, but for Happy Feet. I was actually pretty excited for it myself. I didn’t do it. But all the details I heard made it sound like it would be at the very least an interesting intro to the world, and set a standard. But hey we got Green lantern (I say as my head looks down in shame)

That’s a silly reason for people to knock Miller IMO.

Dancing penguins aren’t my thing, but Babe was great as was the Mad Max Trilogy.

I couldn’t agree more. Again I didn’t do major research, but this is some stuff what I heard:

The story was going to be loosely based on tower of Babel

Batman (Army Hammer) was going to get beat by a bunch of super villains, and then in the third act wear a kind of mech suit to take the main villain

Barry Allen (Adam Brody) it’s going to die saving the world, and the Flash mantle was going to be passed to Wally West (Anton Yelchin.)

At least Adam Brody got his slice of the DC pie as the adult Freddy in Shazam.