The Original Captain Marvel Thread

He debuted all the way back in 1940, was more popular than Superman for a while, and he was the first superhero to appear in movie serials! All fans of this character and mythology are welcome! All you need to do is to say the magic word…



It didn’t last long, but my first experience with ol’ Billy was collecting back issues of Giffen’s Justice League back in 1994.

They certainly did him dirty in that book with some of that dialogue but I really enjoyed his presence for the short time he was there.

A year later (from my point of view in ‘95), he would be the soul that Neron coveted most in Underworld Unleashed. A bit of a twist as all the heroes thought Superman was the soul Neron wanted. Made me respect the Captain a heckuva lot more than from what I read in JL.

I should really get around to reading the complete Ordway series at some point, as I hear it’s really good.

Any other run stand out?


In '94 (I think) they released a graphic novel called “The Power of Shazam” that retold his origin. It was then followed by an ongoing by the same name. Certainly worth checking out!


SHAZAM! This is honestly my favorite art of him. I think I was first introduced to him in Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam and he instantly became a fav


Captain Marvel was a classic from years back-but in the 70’s his comics were really too childish for my taste and the only times Cap really seemed to be a hero of note was when he and Supes would face off-Kingdom Come and his ravamp in the New 52 were fantastic, and The Power of Shazam 1 was a top ranked graphic novel.

I wish DC would do Cap like he was written in The Power of Shazam-just so well told and the art work was top notch.