The Obscurity of DC Club Presents: Obscure Book Club, Week 4 (Sunday, Feb 27 - Saturday, March 5) -- SLIPSTREAM!

Hello @ObscurityofDCClub and the rest of the DC Community! Welcome to the fourth week of Obscurity of DC’s Obscure Book Club! Our next character we’ll be focusing on is…


Number of issues: 5

Slipstream is one of Batgirl’s (Stephanie Brown’s) first rogues. He has a suit that grants him access to the Speed Force, and is a great challenge to Batgirl. Will she be able to defeat the villain, who could only be known as SLIPSTREAM?

Behold, the comics!

Batgirl - Issue 15
Batgirl - Issue 16
Batgirl - Issue 19
Batgirl - Issue 20
Batgirl - Issue 23

Some discussion questions:

  1. Slipstream is obviously one of Stephanie Brown’s rogues, and is also one of her first rogues as Batgirl. WIth that being said, Stephanie isn’t the only Batgirl. Other than Stephanie Brown, which Batgirl do you think should have Slipstream as a rogue? Why?

  2. Do you think Slipstream would be as much of a threat if he didn’t have powers? Why or why not?

  3. Do you think Slipstream is truly a villain, or was he just rubbed the wrong way? Why do you think so?

  4. Were you surprised by Slipstream’s true identity? Why or why not?

  5. At the end of Issue 16, we learn that Detective Gage used to be a Reaper. How do you think this will affect his relationship with not only Batgirl, but also with the other Reapers such as Slipstream?

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  1. Actually none of them, it doesn’t seem like the other Batgirls and Slipstream would cross paths that much, and Slipstream was played into being her nemesis, by daddy dearest.
  2. No, I don’t think he would be a threat at all to a seasoned costume hero, as he showed no particular intelligence or skills without his powers, perhaps he could train himself to be one, but I got the idea, he was a bit lazy to do this.
  3. Personally, anyone who harms others for their own selfish gain is a villain, and definitely not misunderstood.
  4. As to the actual character yes, but as to it being a fellow college student that we had scene in the story, not at all.
  5. Not at all with Batgirl as she also has skeletons in her closet, so I think will understand his motivation, as to the other reapers, he is so last generation, that they could care less about him.

I think Slipstream would be a good rogue for Barbara Gordon. I think she would want to make the villains know her pain.

I don’t think Slipstream would be a threat without his powers. He was flunking out of school, and it doesn’t seem as though he knows how to fight.

I think Slipstream is a villain, but he could’ve been a hero if anyone cared enough about him to help.

I wasn’t surprised by Slipstream’s identity because I knew who he was before reading the comic lol.

I think it just made things more personal for him. I think it also damaged Batgirl’s trust for him but only for that specific case.


Ooooh, one of Steph’s (my favorite Batgirl!) first major solo rogues! I love her struggle with this villain!

  1. I think both Cass and Babs could face him and struggle, especially if they were taken by surprise as Steph is here. After all, Steph and Babs both shared Livewire!
  2. No, for sure not. I really like how BQM showed the banality of evil in the Reapers - mostly bored, underachieving frat bros who are pawns in a larger trap for Steph.
  3. I think we definitely only see his negative traits - his laziness, his ego - but I’d definitely be interested in seeing more development. (As long as Steph was still his antagonist!)
  4. I think it was well crafted, but I can’t actually remember if I guessed the villain’s identity or not. I liked Steph’s detective work in figuring it out, though!
  5. I really wish we’d gotten more development of this. Gage is one of the only things I think clearly showing the compression of the last year of Steph’s run, because something that should have been given several more issues to develop got shoved into the second to last issue. Seeing Gage show himself and his former villains become enraged by his betrayal would have been a very dramatic payoff to all the hints that BQM started dropping halfway through the run.
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