"The Next Batman" Jace Fox Is A Great legacy For Another Forgotten Member Of The Bat-family

The original Orpheus was an early 2000s black superhero named Gavis King. He was a vigilante who after traveling the world and seeing poverty, wars, and injustices, decided to train and come back home to fight crime and believed Gotham City needed a black hero. He even fought Batman to prove his heroism and commitment to the city. While inexperienced, his advanced skills in martial arts, stealth, and knowledge of the community of the Hill made him a valuable agent to Batman. Gavis King died during the events of Batman War Games and the Opherus character has faded into obscurity. Disappointing as he is one of the earliest black superheroes established in Gotham.

Jace Fox was introduced in the 2021 event Future State as “the next Batman” who replaces Bruce in the future. He was reintroduced in the current continuity as a troubled man who traveled the world, training with people like Katana, and returned home to seek redemption as a new Batman who operates in New York. Despite his lack of experience, he sincerely believes that he is more than just a symbol of Batman and that he can fight for the common people and make a difference in his new city. However, I fear that he is just a niche following, as Jace has received little fanfare outside of the obvious concept of a black man being Batman.

I recently thought about Orpheus and how to keep his legacy alive in the comics. I realized that Orpheus and Jace are very similar, so I thought of an idea. I thought why not honor this character through another? A great idea! Jace would be a great choice to carry on Orpheus’s legacy. In a future where Jace forgoes Batman and adopts the mantle of Orpheus instead. I think this could work well.

Truthfully, I believe Jace would be a fine, even a great hero if he was representing Orpheus. The original Orpheus much like Jace cared about justice for the common people of Gotham. He never fought for vengeance like Batman but for justice for the oppressed and the unprivileged. Orpheus was critical of him because he believed Batman didn’t do enough to fight for people that look like him. Orpheus believes in a crime fighter who represents.

It all reminded me a lot about Jace’s kind of heroism which he constantly inspires and why he should adopt this mantle rather than Batman. While it does seem defeatest for Jace Fox with a title series of I Am Batman to give up being Batman. I’ll argue it’s appropriate for this particular character whose main goal was finding his own identity and being a symbol of change in the world.

Even in the narrative, Jace avoids being similar to the main Batman out of animosity that he is always being compared to someone else to feel like has to stand out. It’s the reason he left Gotham City in the first place to be seen not as another Batman but as his own hero.

Batman is just a symbol right now, and I don’t think that’s enough. Jace needs a new legacy, and I think that should be someone like Orpheus. Gavis King made Orpheus a symbol of hope for those who needed justice, and he never gave up on proving that to others. Jace could learn a lot from him, and he would be a much better hero if he adopted the legacy of Orpheus.


I agree. I also hate it when characters have to share legacies and are not allowed to stand on their own. I think Jace Fox deserves his own mantle and title to build on and own. He deserves a legacy he can call truly his own.


If they can give Dick Grayson one, then why not Jace?


Exactly. Batman needs a successor who shares his values. Jace has his own ideas, which contradict Batman’s. Gavis King is dead, but Orpheus could return as Jace’s legacy. Jace deserves a second chance to become a better hero.


Btw, love Orpheus! He reminds me a lot of Rafael Sandoval’s version of El Diablo. He also fought for his community and was a voice for the people.


I think batman cares about all people no matter what color they are or how poor they are but he is only one man so he can only do so much on his own its true that he can’t be black but a person is a person no matter what they look like but my family is very diverse so maybe thats something I will never understand

also I don’t get it because if I could only relate to heroes that were just like me then I could only like oracle or professor x
its a good idea though it works better then jace dressing like a man he hates


I don’t agree with everything in this video like I don’t think jason should be black but as far as the poor people in gotham go they already have jason todd


batman should not be asking questions when someone wants to help him there’s enough asskicking that needs done for everyone to have a turn

if orpheus was around in knight fall maybe batman wouldn’t have ended up like this

and batman was peeing blood before bane broke his back
the only thing he should say when someone wants to help is thank you and do you need funding

also they should just bring Orpheus back say the lazarus rain brought him back
and also alfred

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yeah, the Bat Family gets a bit muddled after a while, Jace Fox becoming this other character, sounds cool, I haven’t followed Jace at all, only because the never-ending people joining Batman is getting to be too much for me.

I mean why not pursue this Orpheus character, it can’t be any worse than "City Boy ".

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Batman is funny like that. He’s sort of a control freak about allowing non-Bat vigilantes members operating in Gotham without his permission and oversight. I think in most circumstances, it’s a irrational fear, but other times you understand him if there are reckless individuals like Ghost-maker in Gotham.

Even better you got Luke Fox and Kate Kane in a new Outsiders series where they are investigating the history of the DC Universe and crisis events to see what got left behind from the previous DCU. Maybe Alfred and Orpheus can come back that way.

Alfred could become The Outsider and Gavis King history can back to the DC Universe. Instead of his unceremonious death in the old timeline, he could get a more stronger finale where his history gets changed by the Outsiders tampering with the timeline, where King never died during War Games and in the present is recognized as a prominent black superhero in Gotham.
Woah! I still believe Jace could be his successor, and this is how it could be done, but your little comment got me speculating on the possibilities. :smile:

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true not everyone can be trusted but Batman was saying he was peeing blood the same way you tell other household members that your out of milk maybe he should be a bit less picky also he can just adopt him to whatever makes him feel better about it

yes my friend there is more then one way to bring a hero back :smiling_face: your outsiders idea was good to

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