:stargirl: :stargirl: The New Golden Age Discussion Thread (SPOILERS) :stargirl: :stargirl:

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NGL, this '90s variant by Joe Quinones just might be the cover of Justice Society of America #1 that I snag:



So, the kids on The Lost Children cover…

We have Stargirl and Red Arrow (Emiko Queen), of course.

Then there are some established young heroes:

Dyna Mite- Sidekick of TNT and former Young All-Stars member.

Air Wave- From the preview, it looks like this is the Harold Jordan version of the hero which makes him Hal Jordan’s cousin.

Secret- One of my favorite Young Justice members.

Robbie the Robot Dog- A talking, robot dog built by the Golden Age Robotman.

Jimmy Martin- He founded the Minute Men of America who assisted Hourman on cases.

The Newsboy Legion- Who were the newsboy wards/sidekicks of Guardian. They were also cloned about a million times by Cadmus.

Wing- The sidekick of the Crimson Avenger who had seemingly sacrificed himself to save the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Then it looks like we have some new characters:

Cherry Bomb- Who dresses similarly to Quality’s Human Bomb. Hard to say if there’s any relation beyond that, but… maybe…

Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher- These two patriotic heroes have named themselves after two famous women from the American Revolution. I don’t believe they were actually Golden Age characters, but you could’ve fooled me as they fit the old patriotic motifs very well.

Son of John Henry- Who could simply be based on the folk hero who died beating a steam powered drilling machine in a steel driving race. However, the hero Steel, aka John Henry Irons, is also based on that folk hero. Could this kid be Steel’s long-lost child…?

Then there’s the kid in the purple hoodie who I can only speculate on. But, I think it may be Judy Garrick as Secret mentions that name in Courtney’s vision of the lost children in The Stargirl Spring Break Special.

There are two more characters on the variant cover.

I can, also, only speculate on who those two are. There’s the kid in the Mister Terrific costume. I’m not sure who he is, but… Michael Holt did have an unborn child who tragically died along with his wife. If there’s a Garrick child that shouldn’t exist and an Irons child who shouldn’t exist, who’s to say that Michael Holt’s child can’t exist…

Finally, there’s the girl in Puritan garb who is sending out witch girl vibes. She could possibly be a version of Klarienne, the Witch Girl of Earth-11’s Teen Justice (who is, of course, based off Klarion the Witch Boy).

But… we’ll see on those last three… Unless anyone knows something I don’t!


Spring Break special and Flashpoint Beyond has two silouhettes with Wing so maybe them. They might get into the future shown in The Hunt for Extant which had a new “Hourgirl” according to the penciler, Steven Sadowski. I guess Dexter could put on a costume and be one.


Well, the two silhouettes with Wing in the Spring Break Special are definitely Secret and Dyna Mite. Secret is referred to by name and Wing calls the second silhouette “Danny.” Danny Dunbar is Dyna Mite’s real name. What Flashpoint Beyond issue did Wing appear in, though? I must have missed it.

I like the idea that Extant may be involved as that would explain why there are some children that shouldn’t exist. Maybe they’re being plucked from alternate timelines?

I would love to see Dexter from Flashpoint Beyond pop up in this…


Finally! Been hoping for return of JSA related titles for such a long time!


Here’s an interesting theory lot these kids are legacy characters Could geoff Johns be creating a new infinity inc?


He already did that in Black Reign


He did what in black reign?


He made Black Adam rebuild Infinity Inc so he could dethrone the despot of Kahndaq.


I love how the tab’s interpretation of the emojis makes this look like nothing but a double Stargirl post.


If I was a betting man, I’d bet that the next New Golden Age book we get is Legion of Super-Heroes.

Given that “3040s” and the Legion itself were mentioned in the press copy, its seemingly a given.

SN: This talk of Golden Age books reminds me of the Little Golden Books storybooks I (and I assume most of us, as they’re a childhood mainstay) read when I was little.

Like the Golden Age, those books were full of good times and entertaining stories.


Johns said in multiple articles that a legion book is coming.

My favorite little Golden Book is the pokie little puppy.


YES! I’m always down for a new Legion series.

Is he writing it, or just saying that its on the way at some point?

That was my favorite, too. I haven’t read it in decades, but I still remember it vividly.


“I’m happy to be writing these two titles, each one of them focused on celebrating and expanding the history (and far future) of heroism in the DC Universe, exploring unseen heroes, villains, and adventures alongside the ones we all know and love,” said Geoff Johns. “Our goal is to delve into the neglected corners of DC with this new group of titles, from the JSA to the Legion and all those who operate between. It’s the story of where superheroes came from, where they’re going and why they’re always needed.”

I cannot tell if “our” means him and a group of other writers or him and the full team (penciler, inker, etc).


Great Hera and Krypton! I cannot wait for a Johns-penned Legion ongoing. The guy knows how to write the Legion and then some.


There are very few characters he is not good at writing. He could probably make a Mr. Banjo ongoing work.


QFT. I’ve never read a bad book by him.

Granted, Johns is my favorite modern comic writer, so I am admittedly hugely biased towards him, but at the same time, I can objectively say that I love everything he’s written.


Man, I’m going to have get back into Flashpoint Beyond, now. I don’t think I can wait until November for the trade.


Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher might be legacy heroes of Miss America Joan Dale. Secret seems to be sort of a legacy hero of Spectre. The witch seems to be sort of a legacy hero of Dr Fate whose enemy Wotan was green.


Definitely looking forward to seeing the Legion return! Hope he doesn’t completely ignore Bendis run though. I kind of like the Gold Lantern.

But yeah a new LOSH book in 2023 would be nice!


I liked Bendis’ Legion, so I too hope Johns doesn’t ignore it.

I don’t know what kind of legs it would have, but a Gold Lantern standalone gig of some type would be nifty, too.

Indeed. Especially since 2023 will be the 65th anniversary of the Legion franchise, and a new ongoing will serve as a nice commemoration of/tie-in to said anniversary.